Camp Indicoso - High School - July 14-19 (2013)

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Day 6: July 19th


Evening Worship

I5051 99 I5051 104

Tonight’s Set List:

All The Poor And Powerless

Tonight’s Scripture:

Ephesians 1:3 (Follow verse here)

Even though tonight was the last night of worship, campers enjoyed the presence of each other as they sang and danced the night away. The message was that no matter what you have done in your life, God will always accept you into his house. You just have to accept God into your life fully and repent. Nobody is perfect and we’re going to fail from time to time. When we do fail, come to God in prayer.

Evening Activity: Women’s Basketball

I5051 73 I5051 55

Tonight the women took to the courts as the guys became the cheerleaders. The game was intense and was a fun eventful game to witness.

Afternoon Activities: Giant Swing/Laser Tag

I5051 140 I5051 8

Campers had their last chance to do the Giant Swings and, again, it was impressive to see that once they did it, they wanted to go again and higher than before. Along with the Giant Swings, campers had another chance to tag people out at the laser tag course.

Morning Activity: Messy Games

I5051 101 (1) I5051 39

This morning campers experienced messy games.Campers came clean and spotless but left covered.

Spiritual Overview for Today

Program Director Overview for Today

Day 5: July 18th


Variety Show

I5051 193

Tonight was the Variety show. Campers signed up to participate through out the week leading up to the event. The evening concluded with a skit from the graduating seniors.

Evening Activities: Lazer Tag/High Ropes

I5051 165 I5051 94

This evening campers were given another chance to conquer the heights and task of the high ropes course. Also another group tried out the new lazer tag as they did their own version of the Hunger Games.

Afternoon Activity: Swim Meet

I5051 48

Once lunch was over campers headed to the pool for the annual swim meet. Campers performed different fun and silly games at the pool to gain points for their huddle groups.

Morning Activity: Giant Swings

I5051 143 I5051 259

After the run, campers had another chance to do the Giant Swings. It’s amazing to see that when they get a chance to try it more than once that most, if not all, want to keep going.

After Breakfast Activity: Cross Country Run

I5051 2

After breakfast, campers participated in an all-camp run. The course was around 1.2 miles and the camper you see above is the winner with a time around 8 minutes.

Day 4: July 17th


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I5051 49

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Evening Worship

I5051 167

Tonight’s Set List:

How He Loves

All the Poor and Powerless  

After worship, Director Chris had the girls and guys groups meet at different places to discuss temptations. This was given as a chance for campers to ask the deep questions that they may not feel safe to ask anywhere else.

Evening Activity: Men’s Basketball

I5051 22

After dinner, the men’s group had a basketball face off while the girls came up with dances for the half time show. Don’t worry though, the guys get their chance to show off their dance skills when the women have their basketball game on Thursday.

Afternoon Activities: Low Ropes/Laser Tag/High Ropes

I5051 4 I5051 11 (1) I5051 26

Campers tested their skills on the low ropes course, tried out the new laser tag course, and built courage as they conquered the high ropes course.

Morning Activity: Ultimate Frisbee

I5051 101 I5051 47

After breakfast this morning, campers competed in an all-camp game of Ultimate Frisbee. The game was so close that it came down to a sudden death round.

Program Director Overview for Today

Spiritual Director Overview for Today

Day 3: July 16th


After Worship Activity: Scavenger Hunt

I5051 7

Once worship was done for the night, campers embarked on a scavenger hunt where they would go to different stations found by using the clues given. Once a group found the first clue, they would be given another clue. They would find all the clues and complete each task at each station until they collected every puzzle piece.

Evening Worship: God Looks At The Heart

I5051 1

Tonight’s Set List:


Here Is Our King

Scripture Focus:

1 Samuel 16:6 (Follow Verse Here)

Director Chris made an analogy with failures and successes by comparing them to dots and stars. He went on to say, “They’re equally misrepresented.” He stated that these things in our lives, good or bad, should not define who we are. “It’s not about why we have them, it’s about not letting them stick,” he said. The most important thing to realize is that everyone belongs to God’s house, “that’s what should define us” Chris said.

Evening Activity: Volleyball

I5051 63

After dinner, campers took to the sand courts for a volleyball tournament.

Afternoon Actvities: Giant Swing/Low Ropes/Free Swim

I5051 57 I5051 122 I5051 233

Campers had a blast this afternoon with the challenges at the low ropes course. They also felt the cool breeze from the giant swing. Most, if not all, got to do the swing more than one time. It goes to show that they are not afraid of heights. After everybody was hot and exhausted, what better way to cool off but having free swim.

Morning Activity: High Ropes

I5051 213 I5051 221

After kickball, campers got in their huddle groups to either do the high ropes course or bond with more ice breaker games.

Morning Activity: Kickball

I5051 9 I5051 98

Campers started their day with a camp kickball game.

Program Director Overview for Today

Spiritual Director Overview for Today

Day 2: July 15th


Evening Worship: Introduction to the Theme

I5051 21

Tonight’s Set List:

Here Is Our King

Beautiful One

Tonight campers were introduced to the theme of the week which is Trusting God. Director Chris asked the question of what does it mean to trust. Although he didn’t want an answer right then and there, but he wanted campers to think about this question throughout the week.

Scripture Focus:

John 13:36-44 (read verse here)

Huddle Groups

I5051 10

After dinner, campers met with their huddle groups (small group). All groups tonight did some form of an icebreaker so everyone could get to know each other a little better.

Mingle Time


After registration was complete, campers met at the Tabernacle to have a meet and greet with all the counselors. Everyone is already starting to get along and make new friends and continue friendships from before.

First Round of Campers

I5051 11

The first round of campers have arrived. We are so excited to see how God will impact their lives this week.

Day 1: July 14th


Almost There!

It is almost time for camp to begin! Check back soon for all of the exciting adventures!