Camp Indicoso - Elementary - July 7-12 (2013)

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Event Journal

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Day 6: July 12th


Evening Activity: Cross Walk

I3041 13 (2)

Campers went on a cross walk this evening leading into worship. Campers walked a circle around part of the camp and at different locations there was a councliour to greet them and read different bible passages.

Afternoon Activities: Tie  Dye/Zip Line

I3041 40 I3041 47

Campers had a blast getting tie dye a shirt that they will get to keep once they go home. Also campers were enjoying the breeze that the zip line gives when they’re rushing through the air.

Morning Activities: Camp Fire Cooking/Lazer Tag/Giant Swing

I3041 112 (1) I3041 106 I3041 48 (1)

Campers enjoyed another morning of cooking Puggie Pies in the camp fire, battle in the lazer tag course, and climb the heights of the giant swing.

Day 5: July 11th


Evening Worship

I3041 289

Campers continued their lessons on how do you see God. Tonight campers talked about how they see God in different people. Some campers said they saw God in their teachers,parents, grandparents, and best friends.

Evening Activity: Super Hero Games

I3041 223 I3041 183 I3041 240

Tonight’s Activity was the super hero games. Campers were given the chance to dress like super hero’s and compete in different games.

After Dinner Activities: Free Time

I3041 149 I3041 13 (1) I3041 117

Campers got to have an extended free time since they missed out on some outdoor activities earlier in the day.

Afternoon Activities:Bible Trivia

I3041 3

Due to a storm we decided to keep the campers in the basement of Armstrong while playing Bible Trivia. Campers were having so much fun that they didn’t even realize that it was storming.

Morning Activities: Giant Swing/ Photo Scavenger Hunt

I3041 74 I3041 86 I3041 59

This morning campers continue to conquer the Giant swing while others went on a photo scavenger hunt where they made poses at different locations to fulfill the requirements.

Morning Worship

I3041 4

Morning Set List

Every Move I Make

I am Free


Here Is Our King

Day 4: July 10th


Evening Worship: God’s in Everything

I3041 87

God’s Not Dead

We Won’t Be Quiet

One Name Under Heaven

Never Let Go

Tonight campers learned that God is not only in the big, obvious things we take notice in, but also in the small things. Every cabin group got to present how they saw God in tonight. One cabin made a presentation saying that God was in the nature that surrounds all of us. Another cabin group did a sign language version of How Great Thou Art.

Evening Activity: Carnival

I3041 111 I3041 146 I3041 112

Tonight campers had a blast at the carnival. There were several games to win tickets from and every camper walked away with a prize that they wanted.

Free Time

I3041 43 I3041 58

Campers always are glad for free time after dinner. It gives them a chance to bond further with others and to get them excited for the nightly activity.

Afternoon Activities: Zip Line/Free Swim

[![I3041 20](](

Campers had another opportunity to go down the zip line and cool off in the pool.

Director Overview for Today

Morning Activities: Laser Tag/Giant Swing

I3041 8 I3041 22

It’s another morning of Laser Tag and the Giant Swing. There have been a lot of campers conquering their fear of heights on the Giant Swing today.

Morning Worship

I3041 30 (1)

Morning Set List:

Pharaoh Pharaoh


Never Ending

Here I am to Worship

Day 3: July 9th


Evening Worship: The False Words People Give Us

I3041 90

Tonight’s Set List

One Name Under Heaven

Let the Fire Fall

I am Free

Tonight’s message was about how people in our lives will call us names that are mean and hurtful. These words can often cut us down emotionally and convince us that these names are our real identity. The truth behind all this can be find in the Bible passage Psalms 139:14 (Follow Verse Here).  The truth is that God sees us as his beautiful creations. This reason alone wipes out any other negative name a person may try to place on us.

Evening Activity: Toilette Paper Games

[![I3041 66](](

After free time was over campers got into their family groups to compete in the Toilette Paper Games. This years games consisted of throwing toilette paper through a hoop, unraveling a roll as far as you could with out it breaking, making a costume for your councilor, and ending with the wet paper bucket toss.

After Dinner Free Time: Gaga/Ultimate Frisbee/Hang Out by the Court

[![I3041 36](]( [![I3041 5](]( [![I3041 15](](

After dinner was over campers got to enjoy some out door free time leading into the evening activity.

More Photos: Smugmug

I3041 27

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Afternoon Activities: Kickball/Gaga/Zip Line/Free Swim

I3041 89 I3041 158 I3041 64

Campers had a busy afternoon of fun. They were ready for horizontal time (A time to rest) way before it ever got here.

Bible Trivia

[![I3041 11](](

Campers tested their Bible skills this afternoon.

Morning Activities: Lazer Tag/Giant Swing/Open Fire Snack

[![I3041 9](]( ![I3041 30]([![I3041 48](](

Campers are having a blast with their first morning of rotations. Some were out at the new laser tag course, giant swing, and some learned to cook a quick snack over an open fire.

Morning Worship

I3041 10 I3041 13

Campers started the day off with some dancing and singing at the Tabernacle.

Morning Set List:

Pharaoh Pharaoh

Every Move I Make

We Won’t Be Quiet

God’s Not Dead 

Day 2: July 8th


Evening Worship

Tonight was a quick introduction for what was going to happen during the week. This week campers are going to dive into the question of how big is God.

Evening Activity: Free Swim/Pool Games

I3041 100

After everyone did the swim test, campers were given some free swim time followed by the pool games. During the pool games campers got together with their family groups and competed in a series of different pool games as you can see in the video clip above. The games concluded with the final round which was the belly flop competition.

Swim Test

I3041 28

The first round of campers that took the swim test passed with flying colors.

The Campers Are Here

I3041 5

Campers are getting settled in and meeting all the staff that will be here with them through the week. We are excited to see what God has planned for them this week.

Day 1: July 7th

sunday-upAlmost There! It is almost time for camp to begin. Check back soon for all of the exciting adventures!