Camp Indicoso - Camp 139 (Formerly Special Skills) - July 17-22 (2016)

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At the end of camp it is a time to celebrate the week, and what all the campers have done. They may have conquered a fear of heights or made new friends this week. This is the time that we celebrate all of those things! Check out the video from this week!

##Rise & Shine! Today is the last day of camp. The campers are going to be extremely tired after last nights dance. It was a night of celebration and excitement! ![](/content/images/2015/05/thursday-friday.png) ##Dance Dance! The best part of the week has arrived! The dance seems to be the favorite thing of the week because as soon as Thursday hits the number one question is when is the dance. It is so fun for the staff to be able to join in on this and dance with the campers. They had an absolute blast, and were extremely tired after the dance! ![alt](/content/images/2016/07/_MG_3105.jpg) Checkout more photos [HERE!]( ##Good Morning! It is the last full day of camp, and it's going to be a good one. The campers have a fun activity planned for the day. It is going to be hot today, but that won't stop the fun. Check out what the campers are up to today! ![](/content/images/2015/05/wednesday-thursday.png) ##Just Keep Swimming! Woohoo! The rain came at just the right time today that we did not have to cancel swimming. The campers love swimming around, and it gives them a nice break from the heat! ![alt](/content/images/2016/07/_MG_2970.jpg) Checkout more photos [HERE!]( ##Up and At Em' Can you believe that it is already the middle of the week? Well, today the campers have a lot of fun activities planned! Check out what the campers are up to today. Also, make sure to check back for photos from today! ![](/content/images/2015/05/tuesday-wednesday.png) ##Worship! Today the campers talked about stepping out in faith, and how they can step out in faith. They invited Chris, the old camp manager, to come and talk about his story and stepping out in faith.

Chris talked about his time with the fire department, and how he made the switch to being a camp manager. Chris's wife was a camp counselor, and that lead him to being a camp counselor too. One of his campers was having nightmares about being trapped in a barn on fire. He was able to talk to this camper and help her through the fear she was having. He was able to help minister to her because of his profession. His plan was to be a firefighter and then retire and move to be a missionary. However, he was called to be a missionary at a camp through the manager position.

Chris talked about how God calls us to different things, and that when he calls we have to go. Chris also talked about how we may not understand why God has called us to a specific purpose but that his plans are still greater than ours.

Giant Swing!

This morning the campers were able to go on the giant swing. Many of the campers decided to give it a try, and they had a blast. It was a little scary for some at first, but they did a great job and pushed through their fear. A few of the campers were even able to hang upside down on the swing (just as safe, but more fun!) which was fun and maybe a little scary. Overall, they all did a great job supporting the campers that decided to go on the swing.
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Rise & Shine!

Today is going to be another fun day at Indicoso! The campers have a lot of fun things to do today. Hopefully, we have a beautiful day today, unlike yesterday's rain that cancelled swimming for the today. Check out what the campers are doing today!

![](/content/images/2015/05/monday-tuesday.png) ##Special Guest! Tonight we had special guest Kirby Stailey, a musical artist, that is also considered a hero. Kirby sang some songs for the campers before he began to tell his story to the campers. Kirby talked about when he was growing up police officers were his heroes. When he grew up, he got to become an Indiana State police officer, and he has been one for twenty-three years now. He asked the campers who their favorite super heroes are. He talked about the two words he thinks about when he thinks of a super hero, and those words are selfless sacrifice. He talked about the greatest super hero of all time, God, and his selfless sacrifice to save each and everyone of us. ![alt](/content/images/2016/07/_MG_2641.jpg) Checkout more photos [HERE!]( ##Craft Time! This morning the campers were able to switch between two different crafts. One of the crafts was tye dying a cape, and the second craft was making a super hero mask. The campers had so much fun with both crafts. Many of the campers had never tye dyed before so it was exciting to see them choose colors. They will hopefully be rinsed out and washed by tomorrow, so that the campers can wear the capes this week. The mask were another fun and exciting thing because it involved LOTS of glitter! ![alt](/content/images/2016/07/_MG_2589.jpg) Checkout more photos [HERE!]( ##Good Morning! Today is going to be a fun first day for the campers! It was a little rainy this morning, but should be cleared up by this afternoon. Check out what the campers are up to today! ![](/content/images/2015/05/sunday-monday.png) ##Name Change As many of you can probably tell the name special skills is being replaced with the name Camp 139. Lots of thought has gone into this name change. Finally, Jeanne, one of the directors had the amazing idea of changing the camp name to Camp 139. It is based on the scripture- Psalm 139:13-14 which says, > "You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." NIV

Also, a unique note is that no other book in the Bible has 139 chapters.

Pastor Jeanne says,

"God knows out campers have different abilities and disabilities. God created them just like the are and believes they are wonderful."

Campers Have Arrived!

This week is going to be such a great time for both the staff and the campers. We are excited to see what this week brings, and to get to spend time with some really amazing campers!

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