Camp Adventure - Middle School - June 29-July 4 (2014)

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This week, your campers had a worship leader who went above and beyond the call. He wrote a song that campers sang every night at worship. After they knew it well, he made a recording of it, using his voice as well as all of theirs. To listen and download the track, click HERE. We encourage you to listen to what your campers have been a part of all week long.


Closing Celebration Video



Your Love Never Fails- Jesus Culture
The Stand- Hillsong

Jon told the campers tonight that the questions they’ve been asking are really good. He encouraged them to home and talk to their pastors about it. Continue seeking out God.

One thing to do when you get home: don’t try to do it all on your own. Allow other Christians to fill you up. We weren’t meant to do it alone, and this is why God gave Adam a companion, Eve.

Jon then gave your campers some important words of advice on what hey should do after leaving camp as a part of the final message of the week.

-Surrender yourselves to Christ

-Surrender yourselves to each other

-Grow intentionally in your faith

-Being a part of a community is necessary in order to do this.

-So much easier when those around us are doing the same.

-God’s message isn’t just meant for you sitting alone

-Being a follower means being a part of a group. Accountable. There for one another.

-We can’t handle things alone.

-Family of believers behind us. People do care and want to support and care for you as a believer and follower.

-Live life boldly.

-Tell people about your life.

-Surround yourself in people who support. Share God with them.

1 Timothy 4:6-16

*All ways to center our lives as well

Messy Games!

Tonight, your campers participated in the warrior run messy games! They had to go through various obstacles all across camp. Ask them about it when they come home!

2014-07-03 at 07-37-07 (1)

An Afternoon on the Lake

This afternoon, some of your campers got to take out the canoes and paddle around the lake. They played red light, green light, as well as a canoe-adapted version of tag! Check out today’s and all of this week’s pictures HERE! 

2014-07-03 at 03-13-49

Camp Adventure’s Got Talent!

This morning, one of the Oxford boys showcased his awesome beatboxing abilities. Check it out!!

Good Morning, Camp Adventure!!

Evening Worship


Live out Loud
God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion)- David Crowder Band
Lean Not On My Own Understanding
Turn My Eyes to You

Message by John:
Daniel 3:8-30
People worshiping an idol Nebuchadnezzar has set up for them
Some people didn’t want to worship the idol- if they did not, they would be thrown into a fiery furnace
These people (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) said their God could bring them from the fiery furnace. 

The 3 men were unharmed

Two things to pull out of the passage:
1.) Our idols want us to serve them out of fear
 -Uses his daughter Leah giving him a high five as an example. Our sins/idols are almost like a game we play. We are naturally drawn to our idols.
 -We know our idols are what hold us back but we are afraid of what our lives might look like without them.
 -We can’t be held back by chains- this is what fear does to us.
2.) Growing in faith and staying away from our idols takes intentionality.
 -Uses his backyard when he moved into his house as an example. It was vey messy with a lot of unkept bushes. They now have to plant grass in the areas where the bushes were previously. John and his wife have to be intentional about growing the grass in this area of their back heard- it’s hard work!!!
 -We don’t grow by accident. We grow because we feed and practice our faith.
 -The 3 men in the story were intentional about putting themselves in a position to bring glory and honor back to God.
- We have to keep our eyes on the one true source of light ( God).
- We must surrender ourselves for God’s glory.

2014-07-02 at 09-33-44

Slip n’ Slide!

This evening, after our campfire cookout, your campers got to slip and slide right down the side of the valley! Even though some eyes and mouthes got a little soapy and sudsy, it was still all smiles and laughter in the valley.

2014-07-02 at 07-04-54

Campfire Cookout!

This evening for dinner, your campers got to roast hot dogs over campfires! In addition to the hot dogs, they also had potato salad, baked beans, potato chips, and smores!

2014-07-02 at 05-59-43 (2)

3… 2… 1… BLOB!!

This afternoon, your campers got the chance to get airborne at the blob!! They had a blast, and here’s just a little clip of the action! If you want to check out some of  the photos, just click HERE! 


This week, your campers have been paired with another cabin with campers of the opposite gender. These groups, home-in-the-woods groups, have daily devotional time together, and go to all program features together. In addition to this, they spend free time together, and make some fun memories. Throughout the week, they really strive to form a team and also friendships that last forever.

2014-07-01 at 23-09-15 (1) 2014-07-01 at 23-43-58

Daily Director

Evening Worship

-He Cries Out
-Weary hearts
-Alabaster- Kari Job

Have you ever thought about the difference between loving Jesus and following Jesus?

We use the word “love” out of context all the time. We say we love football, food, and sleep. There is so much more to life with God than just receiving salvation or getting your ticket into Heaven. Faith without action is dead. We have to believe and He wants a life to live for Jesus everyday, not just a few days a year.

Luke 5

Jesus is going to call you to get up from the side of the pool and go into the deep end. He wants us to trust that he will meet us there. Luke 5 is the perfect picture or surrendering and following Jesus. Jesus doesn’t need our acceptance. He wants us to realize our need for him.

A master is someone who has control. It’s easy to say master here at camp because we are around so many others saying master as well, but when we leave this place, will we say master still. It’s harder because we aren’t around as many people seeking Christ. We must say master and live our life in a way that our actions speak master.

Jesus is calling you to give up your dreams, your hopes, everything-to follow him! We often ask God what his will for our life is. That’s not the question, but the real question is “how can my life and abilities; things I have, be used to witness for you, God?”. God has already told us our will. Go out and make disciples of all nations. How can you align your life with God’s will?

Gladiator Games

Tonight, in the heart of Camp Adventure, The Valley became the home of the First Annual Gladiator Games! Through a series of games and challenges, the staff took on campers and counselors alike to see who would be victor over the others. In the end, the campers were the winners. Their numbers and sheer strength definitely overpowered that of the counselors and staff.

2014-07-01 at 07-07-35

Afternoon Adventures

This afternoon, some of your campers adventured up the rock wall and high ropes course! From what I’ve heard, they had a blast, and they can’t wait for gladiator games later tonight!

2014-07-01 at 02-55-52

Morning Makeup

This morning, several of your campers got “spiffed up” by some of the lady campers here. They all did it willingly, and it was quite a spectacle.

2014-06-30 at 23-45-28 2014-06-30 at 23-18-36 2014-06-30 at 23-32-26 (1)

Daily Director

Good Morning, Camp Adventure!

Even though there were some storms last night, along with an unexpected wakeup call to your campers, everyone is safe, and ready to take on a new day here at Camp Adventure. After a nutritious breakfast of ham, eggs, cheesy potatoes, cereal, and fruit, your campers are ready to tackle all of today’s activities. They will now have time to clean up their cabins for our daily “Camp Beautiful” contest, followed by a time of morning worship, and devotional time. After that, we have lunch, followed by our afternoon activities! Check back this evening to see photos from the rock wall and high ropes course!


Evening Worship

Break Every Chain- Will Reagan, United Pursuit Band
Oceans- Hillsong United
From the Inside Out- Seventh Day Slumber
Alabaster- Kari Job

Tonight, John talked about vulnerability–what is your biggest failure?

Being called means being set apart for a purpose

Tonight at worship, we learned about the life of John the Baptist in Matthew 3.

1. John looked different.
-John stood out. He was born as a miracle and was different than most people, but God had a plan for his life and John was set apart for a purpose.

2. John had courage.
-John embraced his differences. He understood that sharing the message of Jesus took courage. In situations that take courage, God is with us as he was with John.

3. People were changed when they met John.
-People found comfort in the message John was sharing. As we live authentically, people will see that we are different. Authenticity draws people in; people will start to wonder about how we can live life freely because of the joy that comes from living a life where Jesus calls us to be set apart.

We live in the tension of knowing we aren’t perfect but also knowing we could be a whole lot worse. We are created in God’s image and to live for the purpose that God has set out for us. John’s purpose was to prepare the way for Jesus. Jesus has prepared the way for us. Jesus WAS and IS the way for us. He sacrificed his life to cover our sins and give us eternal life.

2014-06-30 at 09-27-04 (1)

Pool Olympics!

Tonight, your campers participated in some great pool games, all grouped together to be the CA Pool Olympics! Included in these activities were diving contests, biggest and smallest splash contests, a game called ‘over-under,’ and a game called ‘trash.’ Be sure to ask your camper all about it on Friday when you see them!

2014-06-30 at 07-08-19 (3) 2014-06-30 at 07-12-54 2014-06-30 at 07-35-37

Afternoon Fun In the Sun!

Though the weather was a little cloudy this morning, the sun definitely made an appearance for this afternoon’s rotations! Canoes and the blob were two of the features open for campers to explore! You can check out some of today’s photos HERE!

2014-06-30 at 04-14-30 (1)

Daily Director

Good Morning, Camp Adventure!

This morning, your campers started their day off right with pancakes, sausage links, cereal, and fruit. They’re energized and ready to have a blast during their first full day here at camp! They’ll be spending some time in their circle group, and then they’ll go to a time of morning worship in the amphitheater.

Evening Worship


Break Every Chain- Will Reagan, United Pursuit Band

Set A Fire- Cody Davenport

Tonight, our speaker, John, posed the question to us: 
What is worship?
In 2 Samuel 6:12-15David dances with all of his might, like it was just him and God. Worship is our natural response to the things we are blessed by, it is a way that we celebrate what God has given us. Sometimes we bring baggage with us, whether we try to or not we struggle to carry the baggage with us, maybe we even bring it to camp. 
We don’t have to live like something is crushing us, you can let it go, let God carry it for you and take the burden off of your shoulders

Pool Time

This evening after dinner, your campers got to take part in all-camp swim time! They took swim tests to earn wristbands that allow them to go off of the diving board, or into the deep end. They also enjoyed some fun in the shallow end playing counselor ball!

2014-06-29 at 08-05-13 (1)


We are SO excited to have your campers here at Camp Adventure this week! We look forward to a week packed full of spiritual growth, building relationships, and fun, of course! Your campers have gotten all settled into their cabins, and had a delicious dinner of chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, salad, and dirt pudding. Now, they’re headed off to a time of all-camp swim! Check back later for more on this week’s activities!