Camp Adventure - Middle School - June 26-July 1 (2016)

Camp Photo Gallery

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End of week Video

Slip N' Slide

The Blob



The campers were given a chance to look at 40-50 leadership qualities. Then, they selected three leadership qualities they see in themselves. After this the campers stood up, one-at-a-time, and each person in the cabin shared one quality that they see in that camper. After this the campers shared what they chose for themselves.

Morning Worship

Today, the campers learned that they are to live like Jesus lived. They also discovered Jesus as a leader and they are called to become leaders like Jesus. They watched a video about a junior high boy showing extraordinary kindness and generosity. This video had a great impact on the campers because it showed them how to be exactly like a leader. This activity helped the campers learn about their cabin members and learn how they are to be leaders through those qualities.

Verse: 1 Timothy 4:12

Daily Director Greeting

Evening Game

Tonight the staff is heading out to play a little game we like to call "Smugglers". This game consists of many flash lights, slips of paper, and various tones of screaming. The staff is dressed in all black and they are to run after your children- in the dark- and ask them for their slips of paper. Whoever reaches the Lodge with the most paper wins. (The staff is still undefeated... Will this title be taken away?)

Late Night Worship


  1. You Are
  2. Oh Happy Day
  3. I'll Praise the Lord
  4. Your Presence

I am a disciple


1)Daniel 6:10, 16, 22-23
2)Philippians 3:14

South Pole story
The team that had the discipline to march 20 miles a day got to the South Pole first
Shows importance of discipline
Daniel and the lion's den
Daniel prayed 3 times a day despite the decree that said no praying (his own 20 mile march)
Got caught and thrown in the lion's den
Continues to pray and worship God and eventually gets rescued from the den yay!
Horse video: being a disciple= setting a goal and having a pace

Don't do too much or you will get burnt out, don't do too little or you won't make any progress

Kids encouraged to set their own "20 mile march" aka a disciple and a goal that will show faith and loyalty to Christ
Wrote goal on paper and nailed to a cross, then told a counselor or staff member their goal and got prayed for

Water Olympics

Today we are wrapping up the olympics with the water portion. They will be participating in...

Water Polo

Water Volleyball


Trying to get a frozen shirt untied and then jumping into a gross puddle of water

Bible Quiz

As an intermission for the counselors to take a break, little P and Becca take on the stage to quiz the campers on their bible knowledge.

The Blob

Morning Worship

The campers learned about who God truly is at worship. This was truly impactful to them because of commitment night the day before. During their devotionals the campers were able to participate in an activity that would help them understand even more about the characteristics of God.

Daily Director Greeting

Camp fire

Tonight the campers committed their life to Christ so during the camp fire we had another staff member tell their story about becoming a fellow Christian.

Late Night Worship


  1. We are the Free
  2. Still You Remain
  3. Oceans
  4. Broken Vessels


Story: Walter Wyatt jr. got some bad news on his plane ride whenever thieves stole parts from his plane and his plane did not work properly. He crash landed into the ocean. As he floats in the oceans sharks try to attack him, but by the strength of God he kicks them away. Luckily, Wyatt was saved by a plane several hours after crash landing. Wyatt needed outside help in order to survive.

  • Just like we needed the outside help from Jesus dying on the cross so that we would not die.
    -We need to turn away from our sins and ask for forgiveness so that God can lavish His love and forgiveness on each of us.
    -Jesus heals Lazarus from death.
    -Jesus tells the brothers to follow him. They drop everything to follow God.
    -Peter walks towards Jesus on the water. (Showed video of Jesus walking on water and Peter walking on water until he looses sight of God.)


John 4:13-14

CA Summer Olympics

The Olympics took place in Warsaw, IN at the local campgrounds of Camp Adventure. The campers were all split up into their dividing teams to finish the following events:








Lunch Time!

It's 12:00 and the campers are all gathered in the lunch room. Today they are eating the famous CA burger with the sides of fresh corn, peaches, and warm french fries.

High Ropes

Morning Devotions

During the cabins devotionals the campers dove into the story of the Prodigal Son who became lost and then returns top his father to become found. In this story they learned that the father treasured the son who returned to him and will continuously do so over and over again.

Morning Worship

This morning the campers are learning how passionate Jesus Christ is about those who are lost and who will become found at worship. They will be learning that in order to become found they must believe in Jesus Christ and receive the gift of grace and salvation. During the service, a counselor stepped forward and gave their testimony about how they went from being lost to becoming found and what decisions they made and what the outcome was in their life.

Daily Director Greeting

Camp Fire

Everyone gathered around the fire to commence the worship service on sin. One of the staff members, sunny, shared her conversion story. As the band played, the campers were given a chance to pray with their counselors or a CA staff member.

Late Night Worship

Talks about bad things going on across the world (slavery)
~Civil war
~civil rights movement
~idea that others are less
~slavery: Slavery, bondage, servitude refer to involuntary subjection to another or others.

Too often the sins in our live become our identity and we become slaves to our sins. We turn to God in these times because our God is a forgiving God.
~1 John 1:9
When we share our sins to God he is the one that cleanses us.
Repent: to stop and to turn from something wrong.
~Acts 3:9
~the same God that created all of the amazing stuff around us created us out of love and loves us for who we are.

~1.we are slaves when we believe god will love us when we get better.
~2.we are slaves when we believe that we will get better when we find the right person.
~3. we are slaves when we have to have all the nicest stuff.
~4. We are slaves when we try to be too religious.

Video about Baggage:
~guy picks up baggage from different points in his life.
~We don't need other people to dump it on us. Sometimes we weigh ourselves down with negative thoughts that we buy into.
~When we don't deal with our baggage we can pass it off onto others, but it always backfires and we end up with more baggage. Sometime it is even just secret sins that we think we have under control.
~biggest lie we teach people: sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never
hurt me.
~we have to find our identity in what Christ sees in us.
~but when we ask God for help to remove our sins and "baggage" he takes it off our shoulders.

The campers are given an opportunity to go to the back of the room individually and write a sin they struggling with and take the burden off of them by putting it on a white board. Then they could go to a staff member or counselor for prayer.

Final Song:
child of God

Valley Game

You may be asking, "Why are my children playing with plungers?" and to that I would have to reply, "Because your children pooped today and for that we celebrate."

Free Swim

Horizontal Hour

It's the time of day where the campers get to rest up before going to their second rotation!

Low Ropes


Morning Worship

The cabins gather in the outdoor auditorium to hear Gods word. Today they will be learning about their sun, how they are tempted to cover up their sins, and how they can choose to own their sin in order to one day walk away from it in repentance at worship. In their cabin devotional time called "Home in the Woods", the campers will be making a list of steps to prevent and limit sin in their lives.

Camp Picture

After the awesome pancake and sausage breakfast the whole camp gathers outside to take the group picture!

Daily Director Greeting

Good morning parents! Every morning I (Cora Bythrow) will be posting a video of the director who will speak about what the campers will be doing and learning about that day. Here's what one of them had to say for Monday:


Glow stick Game

Hey Parents! Try finding your kids in this fun clip:

Snack Time

The CA staff never lets the campers go to bed with an empty stomach so, we sugared them up with a sweet treat before their upcoming night game!

Night Worship

The night can't end without worship! Every night they campers get to experience the feeling of the hOly Spirit through songs of praise and words of Christ. Here's what happened during the service tonight:

Speaker: Jon Ellegood

Worship songs:

2)Happy Day
3)This is Amazing Grace
4)How He Loves
5)Super Big Love

Topic: I am a Creation

I'm not very good at ______ but that's okay because _________.


1)Genesis 1:27 ;
2)Ephesians 2:10;
3)Psalm 139

-God never made a mistake when he made you.

About a boy named Dennis
We are God's masterpiece.

God values what's on the inside of a person.
This week is about learning who you are and what God created you to be.

Campers were invited to look at themselves in a mirror and write down what God wants them to believe about themselves.

Swim Test

To ensure the safety of your children we made sure that the water activities are safe for everyone!

Campers Arrive

The camp experience has started the week out with a bang! The rain didn't stop Camp Adventure from welcoming the campers. We are so pumped to be able to let you parents rest for a week while we take your little ones off of your hands. While they're away they are going to be learning so many new things and taking home memories that will last forever! Keep up with the daily blogs to know what the campers are experiencing every day.