Camp Adventure - Middle School - June 15-20 (2014)

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Thursday Evening Worship

We’re Gonna Sing Like The Saved- Matt Redman
Light Up the Sky- The Afters
Like a Lion (My God’s Not Dead)- Josh Buford Band

PC tells us tonight that there are three things you can do to show God your love:
The first is to look to those who need Jesus. People need transformation, and by being there for people, be show His love and bring about transformation. God tells us to go forth and tell people about Jesus, therefore, we are challenged to go home and tell others about Christ and how He has changed our lives this week. 

The second thing we can do to show God our love is look to stand for him when others around you do not. Do not conform to the person you were- stand firm for God! You will please him exponentially!!
PC then tells us the story of Elijah, which is found in 1 Kings 18:16-46. Elijah was close to God and shared God’s wisdom with others. When he found prophets that worshipped Baal, he was outnumbered– 450 to one! Elijah said he would take all 450 on at once, and when he said this, Elijah knew he would walk away successful or killed. Elijah was willing to stand for God when no one would. He challenged the 450 prophets to get an animal sacrificed and have it set on fire by Baal. They accepted Elijah’s challenge, and nothing happened– there was no response from Baal. Elijah then repairs the altar of The Lord and chooses a sacrificial animal poured water on it- so much water small rivers were beginning to flow! Elijah prayed to God, God sent fire from Heaven, and the 450 prophets were captured and taken away. 
Elijah was willing to stand for God when no one else would. 

The third way to love God is by serving others. One of the ways we can love others is through our service. We must be the hands and feet of Jesus. He never treated Himself as the King He is- He washed the feet of others! In His time, that was a job for the lowly servants. It was never Jesus’ intention to stand on a pedestal in front of people; He wanted to love others. 

Jesus wants you to serve Him despite how imperfect and inadequate you are. God is willing to qualify the called-He will equip you to do great things!
Story of Moses- speech impediment, anger issues— God uses him to set people free
God used David to be one of the greatest kings even though he was an adulterer
Peter- denied knowing Jesus and preached a powerful message where thousands of people devoted to Jesus Christ

Be part of the solution
Noah was willing to build the boat and save man
Paul was willing and churches we’re build everywhere
Jesus was willing to DIE for us!!!!!!!!
This is what makes Jesus our messiah– He was willing!
Do not serve for self recognition!
Kindness is contagious- when you serve others they will want to serve as well. 

2014-06-19 at 10-06-22

Tonight, communion was offered to our campers. 
Taking communion challenges us to remember Jesus and bring us back to where we are spiritually at Camp Adventure.
Communion=a new covenant with Jesus.
Communion isn’t only intended for certain people- it is intended for everyone just like Jesus Christ.


The Vally here at CA was definitely a sight to see tonight! Water balloons, lemons, chocolate syrup, powdered paint, toilet paper, and flour were all staple items at tonight’s event. Tons of opportunity arose for photos, so click right HERE to check them out!

2014-06-19 at 07-14-12

Afternoon Happenings

After a delicious lunch of tenderloin sandwiches, french fries, broccoli and cheese, salad, and pears, your campers are ready to hit this afternoon’s activities! Campers were spotted all over camp, having a blast at places like the pool, high ropes, the rock climbing wall, low ropes, and just about everywhere else! What wasn’t to be found? A camper not having a blast!

2014-06-19 at 04-19-18 (2)

Morning Activities

This morning, cabin groups resumed activities where they left off yesterday afternoon when he storm rolled in. Your campers were excited to spend even more time outside, having a blast!

2014-06-18 at 23-36-35 2014-06-18 at 23-45-58 (2) 2014-06-18 at 23-57-22 (1)

Morning Worship

This morning, our worship leader, Wes, was out speaker as well! He touched on one question that has stopped many Christians in their tracks: “What is Worship?” Campers gave several great answers; here are just a few…

“Praising God.”


“A way to talk to God.”

“What we’re doing right now.”

“Praising the Lord in your own personal way.”

Wes pointed out that all of these answers are different, which he told us is a good thing. We all have different, God-given gifts and abilities that we use to praise Him in our own special ways. Wes told us that the three main parts to worship are calling, seeking,, and going. We are called to worship our Lord, we seek Him through worship, and we must be proactive in going and worshiping.

Today, we are focused on worship. We are striving to give praise to God through our words, actions, and attitudes.


Wednesday Evening Worship

Open the Eyes Of My Heart- Michael W. Smith
One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails)- Jeremy Riddle
We Are the Free- Matt Redman
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)- Hillsong
Lord, Reign In Me- Brenton Brown

Commitment night was last night, and afterwords, many of the campers who had made a commitment were wondering what move to make next with their faith. The next step is to become a disciple. PC read two passages; one found in Luke 9:23, and the other found in Romans 12:2These passages tell us that we were not designed to live a life that the world wants us to. Everyone is capable of living the life of a disciple. Though we are all capable, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. “Daily” is the part that makes living the life of a disciple tough.When you start your day with prayer and surrender everything to God, living the life of a disciple of Christ becomes easier. 

“This world does not expect you to do the things that God wants you to do. The world expects you to conform- to do the same thing everyone else os doing. But we are called to be a different kind of people than the world.  We are called to be transformed on a daily basis and to be more and more like Christ.
Mirrors don’t lie.. Where do you stand in the process of looking more and more like Christ?
God doesn’t create bad things. Tonight is not about going up to the mirror and seeing what’s wrong with you. Tonight is about going up to the mirror and seeing what God has created you to be. What are two words that describe how God sees you?”

The campers then proceeded to the stage, where they saw themselves in mirrors, and then wrote the words that describe what they want to become.

2014-06-18 at 09-59-46

Slipping and Sliding

Luckily, the rain let up long enough for your campers to enjoy the slip n’ slide here at Camp Adventure. There are tons of photos, so make sure to check them all out HERE!

2014-06-18 at 07-11-04 (2)

Rain Delays

Rain this afternoon kept the campers from their afternoon rotations, but luckily they got to spend time in their cluster lodges playing games, cards, making new friends, and of course, having fun.

2014-06-18 at 05-02-35 (1) 2014-06-18 at 05-05-44


2014-06-17 at 23-48-11 2014-06-17 at 22-30-59 2014-06-17 at 23-23-17

This morning, there were many cabins out and about doing their daily devotions. There has been a lot of growth all around this week at camp, and your campers are seeing it! They have definitely taken the challenge to pray seriously, and we are excited to see what he rest of the day brings in terms of spiritual growth. And, of course, FUN! After having a lunch of grilled chicken sandwiches, pasta salad, pretzels, salad, and fruit salad, your campers are ready to enjoy more of our program features, including the blob and paintball!

2014-06-17 at 20-51-15 2014-06-17 at 23-30-50 2014-06-17 at 20-51-08


For worship this morning, Counselor Mark from Solomon Seal was our speaker! He talked about the power of prayer, and what it can do to change our lives. Prayer allows us to connect with God, grow closer to God, and experience God. The second we begin to pray, we are connected with God. Mark read us John 15:5, which talks about how we are the vine and God is the branches. All trees have parts that are dead and parts that are alive. When we aren’t connected to God, we’re the dead branches. The time when we are connected is the time that we grow closer to Him. One of the greatest things we can do to remain alive in Christ is pray. It’s so easy to send up small thank you payers and prayers for help and strength, but we can really pray to God about anything and everything! In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, we are reminded to pray continually. This is the challenge for your campers today. During this day of prayer, the staff, counselors, and directors will all be ready and willing to pray with your camper. As it is the day of prayer here, we also encourage you to continue your prayers at home.

2014-06-17 at 22-12-06

Good Morning Camp Adventure!!


Closing out Day Two at Camp Adventure

As we wrapped up commitment night, campers, counselors, directors, and staff traveled to a fire circle for a time of fellowship and snacks. We continue to urge you- pray for your camper and the decision he or she made tonight. They do feel the support and love you’re sending from home.

2014-06-17 at 10-53-43

Commitment Night at Camp Adventure

Come Now is the Time to Worship- Phillips, Craig, and Dean

1000 Reasons- Rend Collective

Better is One Day- Matt RedmanBeautiful things by gunger

Awesome God- Michael W. Smith

Amazing Grace

Tonight was commitment night here at Camp Adventure. The campers first heard a message from PC. He taught them many important things, but he especially hit on the fact that you can’t out-love God. There is no possible way you could love him too much! In John 3:16, it says that God loved us so much, He sent His one and only son to die for us on the cross. Because Jesus came to Earth, a new covenant was formed. Jesus died to save every single person he created. He is there to fight our battles. He is there to rescue us.

In addition to this, PC also touched on the phrase “Accepting Christ into your life.” He explained that when you “accept” something, you usually only use it for a short amount of time. He also informed us that the phrase “accepting Christ” isn’t found anywhere in the Bible! He urges us to instead seize Christ in our lives; to receive Him and the amazing gift he has given us. When we receive Christ, and have Him in our hearts, we look different. We act different. This is something people notice. When we allow God to take away the labels we see upon ourselves, we see life clearly and beautifully, the way He intended for us to see it, and ourselves. He wants us to see ourselves and others as beautiful and unique, just as He sees us. All of this is fantastic, but there is one problem. God didn’t make us robots. He made us human beings, and he gave us something called free will. He gave us the ability to choose things and make decisions on our own. Because of this, He won’t force Himself upon us. He merely wants to be invited to be a part of out lives. Revelation 3:20 reminds us that God comes in when we invite Him. He wants to be a part of our lives – all day, every day. 

2014-06-17 at 10-13-01 (1)

Valley Games

Valley Games tonight were a BLAST, and the smiles were abundant as you campers played drip, drip, drop, and giant rock-paper-scissors.

2014-06-17 at 07-13-44 (3) 2014-06-17 at 07-16-21 2014-06-17 at 07-20-55 (2)

Tonight is the night!!

Tonight is commitment night, so we encourage you to pray for your camper during this very special and sacred time. Your encouragement and prayer, both now, and when they come home, is very beneficial.

Afternoon Fun and Games

This afternoon, all of our program features were open for the campers to enjoy with their cabin groups. Among these things were canoes and low ropes, and I’ve heard word that the campers had a BLAST! Here just a few photos to fill you in on what your camper has been up to today. To see even more photos from today, click HERE!

2014-06-17 at 02-59-38 (1) 2014-06-17 at 00-13-28 2014-06-17 at 00-18-42

Ga-Ga Mania!

Right before horizontal hour today, the entire camp took part in a giant game of Ga-Ga! It lasted roughly seven minutes before there were only about ten campers and counselors left. Here’s just a little bit of the action!

2014-06-17 at 01-07-50 (2)

Morning Worship

This morning, Camp Adventure’s Manager, Gabe Reed, was the speaker. He touched on a few concepts, including the need for us to always look before we act. He gave a comical, and also true account of a plumbing disaster here at CA that could’ve been avoided, if only someone had looked before acting. He encouraged your campers to continue looking at the word and examining it closely.

2014-06-16 at 22-08-05

Good Morning from Camp Adventure!!

Today is shaping up to be an absolutely gorgeous day here at CA! Your campers are all very eager to start the day’s activities. Ham, eggs (not green though), cheesy potatoes, cereal, fruit, and yogurt were on the menu this morning at breakfast. During breakfast today, it was revealed that the staff won in last night’s game of Smugglers vs. Spies, and we also celebrated a very special birthday!! Today is Emma’s birthday! She got a special birthday song from all of the staff and campers! Happy Birthday, Emma!!



One Last Note about Monday…

Be sure to ask your camper about a game we played tonight called Smugglers vs. Spies.

Monday Night Worship

We’re Gonna Sing Like The Saved- Matt Redman
Light Up the Sky- The Afters
Build Your Kingdom Here- Rend Collective
More Love More Power- Michael W. Smith

Tonight, your campers learned that God wants us to live a loving life in his image. It doesn’t always work the best, but Jesus can pull through. Before we have Christ we always want to find an excuse to get out of trouble, even if it means lying. To make an example, our speaker gave several stories from when he tried to avoid situations in his childhood. The speaker blamed his dog when he broke the television in second grade. In fifth grade his parents got him a big bag full of fireworks on July first that he couldn’t use until the fourth. When his parents went out to dinner, his friends came over and they got all of the firecrackers out to shoot off. His mother forgot her purse and turned around after he lit the fireworks. He tried so hard to tell his parents his friends made him do it.

Your campers were also taught that “God calls us to live a life that honors him, even at a young age. How do we live a life for God on a daily basis? By choosing to read the word and be involved in what he wants for you. Read, understand, apply. Use a magnifying glass to get past the words and really see what God is talking about. Look deeper to see what God wants. Everyone has a big ‘but’. ‘But’ is referring to an excuse. Everyone makes excuses. Every situation has a ‘but’ for it. Consider how awesome the scriptures are and pick a favorite!”

Campers are going to show that they take God seriously. They wrote down verses that are inspired by God.

There was a cross at the front of the stage. The cross shows the very best of God. What Jesus did was all for us. The cross is a symbol of Gods best and celebration, not shame. We want to live a life showing that God is great! Campers hammer the piece of paper with their scripture on it to the cross to show that they are giving God their all. They are telling God they want to live that out!

Monday Evening at Camp Adventure

Today after afternoon rotations, campers enjoyed a delicious dinner of chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, salad, and brownies. Now, they’re ready to tackle this evening’s activities, which include Bible Quiz, valley games, evening swim, and evening worship.

2014-06-16 at 06-53-42 (1) 2014-06-16 at 07-14-50 (1)

Afternoon Activity Fun

Campers are out and ready for some fun today, participating in tons of activities including high ropes, swimming in the pool, and climbing the rock wall. Too see more of today’s photos, just click HERE!

2014-06-16 at 04-18-43

Morning Worship

During morning worship today, your campers were encouraged to seek out the staff members and find out what each staffer’s favorite Bible verse is. By the end of the evening, you camper will have heard many different verses.

2014-06-15 at 22-24-11 (1) 2014-06-15 at 22-25-27 (1) 2014-06-15 at 22-18-51 (1)

Inspecting The Word


This morning, your campers enjoyed pancakes, sausage links, cereal, fruit, yogurt, and toast to give them energy for all of today’s great activities!


Evening Worship

During tonight’s worship session, your campers learned that there is a big difference between taking a risk and staying safe. This week we want your campers to take a risk. PC, tonight’s speaker, reminded them of some important things:

“Trust in your counselors. Trust in the staff. Trust in God. He creates animals, people, plants, water, land, and so much more. Genesis 1:26 talks about creating humans to cultivate his Earth. He designed everything with his imagination. God creates man in his image. If God is the creator, then look at his creation to see him. His fingerprints is on everything. When you look for God, God will show up and something great will happen. We need to be looking for God this week, but how do we look for God? You won’t be able to see God with your eyes. The way to see and connect with him is by experiencing him. We so often choose not to look for God when he is everywhere; in the moon, stars, people, animals, and so on. God has big plans for you and you won’t be able to see that unless you look for him. Choose to look for God and the puzzle pieces will appear. You will be able to put them together and you will see an amazing picture you have never seen before.”

In addition to PC’s message and the wonderful songs preformed by this week’ s worship team, The Camp Adventure staff led your campers in a fun dance called the “Interlude.”

Evening Swim

Tonight after dinner, your campers got their first opportunity of many to swim in the pool, jump off the diving boards, and play a game called “Counselor Ball.” You should ask your camper how to play when they make it home! IMG_6496


After your campers got moved in, they enjoyed a meal of Hamburgers, smiley face potatoes, salad, corn, and dirt pudding. 2014-06-15 at 06-08-46

Day One at Camp Adventure!

This afternoon after you dropped of your campers, there were many exciting events that took place. Your campers got all moved in to their cabins, they got to meet their counselors, and, they had a ton of fun all the while!   IMG_6427