Camp Adventure - Middle School - June 23-28 (2013)

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Closing thoughts

Today students had a blast visiting their last activities. The campers were all eager to see their family but sad to leave the new friends they had made. We thank you so much for sending your child to camp with us! Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery, instant videos, and celebration video! Have a blessed rest of the summer!

Morning Worship

**Song set: **This morning campers joined singing camp songs! Make sure to ask them to sing them for you on the way home tonight!


  • We all have a spiritual map. And we need to remember how and why our hearts were changed. To do this we need to keep a journal/record of these instances so we won’t forget.
  • God Light Our Way (a boys cabin came up with this acrostic poem to match the theme of this week) 
  • People are walking in darkness but they can see the light, we need to show them our good deeds so that we can light up their entire world
  • The way that you live becomes a winsome witness

**Scripture used in service: **

Matthew 5: 14-16

Isaiah 9:2

1st Peter 2:9-12

Directors Daily Talk

Morning Greeting

Good Morning everyone! Today is the last day of camp and kids are excited to travel to their last activities! We hope as staff, directors, and counselors that we can continue to light these kids up for Christ today as we send them home! Please be praying for all the traveling of family/church members today!


Evening Activities

This evening, campers tested out their regatta boats! Unfortunately, the rain came in and ended our activity a little early. We hope to get the rest of the rafts in sometime tomorrow!

Evening Service

This evening was the campers’ night to participate in communion. They entered the room ready to worship and celebrate what Jesus did for their sins. The room is hot and sticky but this will not stop our worship team from leading the campers in great praise songs.
**Song set: **
2.People of God
3. Promises
4. Can’t stop singing
5. Glow
6. Better than the best of me
7. Awake my soul
8. The stand
9. Lead me to the cross
- The enemy doesn’t want us to be focused on what God wants us to do, he does his best to distract us in every way, be aware of these attacks. - We need to find out who “the others” are that matter to Jesus and find out how we can reach them - We have to figure out a way to teach others where the light is - Evangelism is one sinner showing another sinner how to get to Jesus - The candle during communion represents the presence of God - During communion campers are encouraged to confess their sins and get right with God and to remember what Jesus did on the cross for us.
**Scripture used in service:**
Matthew 25: 31-46
“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”
At the end of service Rob had the campers go around and tell their fellow campers why they are thankful for them and love them.


Afternoon activities continued

Blobbers soaring into the air during afternoon activities.
### Afternoon Activities

2013-06-26 at 23-43-53

Camper walks across the wobbly bridge on the high ropes

  Camper overcomes her fear of heights by taking the challenge of the high ropes course

Morning Worship

Song set:

  1. No one like you
  2. Your love never fails


  • It’s not about me
  • We  must align our attitudes so that we are not focused on ourselves but on others
  • The Church is to serve others
  • We are here to be equipped to go out and serve others so that they too can experience God’s love
  • Do for others what you would want them to do for you
  • We need to live our lives for the purpose of others
  • Shine the light upon others like Jesus has called us to do

Scripture used in service:

Matthew 7:12


**Breakfast: **Biscuits and gravy, Hash coins, Toast/cereal, Fruit/Juice

**Lunch: **Ham and Turkey sandwiches, Potato chips, Carrots and broccoli, Garden salad, Asst. fruit

**Dinner: **Taco and Burrito bar, Taco fixings, Nachos, Corn, Salad bar, Churros

**PM snack: **Pot luck (all the left over snacks)

Directors Daily Talk

Morning Greeting

It’s a great morning here at CA! We are looking forward to a fun packed day as kids make their way to activities that they have yet to go to this week. We will also be testing out our rafts tonights and having a meaningful service with communion tonight. Please be praying that the weather participates with us today so that our campers can have the BEST day ever!


Evening Worship

2013-06-26 at 08-37-48

Song Set:

  1. Jump
  2. Take it all
  3. Shine like the Son
  4. Arms open wide
  5. How he loves


  • Rob challenges the campers to show 5 people on camp that they love them through one of the ways discusses early,  touch, gifts, time, words of encouragement, acts of kindness.**
  • In the kingdom we are called to love others even if they don’t want our love
  • Jesus opens the doors for us to go to heaven and spend eternity with God
  • We don’t have to be fearful, afraid, or worried about where we will spend eternity once we’ve accepted Christ into our lives
  • Jesus calls us to start at home and give our love to those around us. After we have loved them we are to turn to our neighbor and love them the same
  • We are called to love people in the name of Jesus
  • Rob finished by praying that God would should all the campers how their neighbor needs loved

Scripture used in service:

Acts 1: 4-11

1 John 4:7-21

Evening Activities

2013-06-26 at 07-29-39

Look how much fun we had at slip and slide and pool olympics tonight!

The rain hit again here at camp, but we didn’t let that stop us from having fun! Instead of having the cookout style dinner around a campfire, due to the wetness of the fire, we moved it to the porch on Lookout Lodge. Campers are headed to the pool olympics and slip slide now!!

2013-06-26 at 05-24-46

Afternoon Activities

Campers unfortunately missed this mornings activity rotation due to the rain, but our staff get a little wacky on Wednesdays so we kept them entertained! The weather has cleared up since then and campers were able to travel to 3 different activities this afternoon!

Campers after finishing up their rotation at the rock  wall

2013-06-26 at 04-04-04

Campers enjoy a windy ride while canoeing

2013-06-26 at 01-31-12

Each day campers meet with their home in the woods group during one of the activity rotations. Here they get to know fellow campers and have time to quiet their hearts and discuss what they’ve been learning about God this week. To the left a camper and a counselor remember a saying by clapping to it!

2013-06-26 at 01-09-17

Campers work together to complete the low ropes course

Morning Worship

Song set:

  1. Pharaoh Pharaoh
  2. Father Abraham 


  • We all have the capacity to give and receive love
  • Love can be spoken in many different way: touch, gifts, time, words of encouragement, acts of kindness.
  • We are all wired different and need love in different ways
  • To give love to other we need to understand how they are wired
  • One of the greatest responses to when people show you love is to be great full and say thank you
  • Give thanks for what we are given and be mindful that we must extend our love back to those that share it with us
  • God first loved us so that we could love Him
  • God lives in us and His love is made complete in us
  • Anyone who loves God must love their neighbor, brother, and sister

Scripture used in service:

1 John 4:7-21


Parents, are phone lines are currently down, we are doing our best to get this back up and working. Please be patient with us and continue to check here to get updates on what the kids are doing. If you have an emergency please call 574-834-2212, this is Epworth’s phone line so please make sure that you are only calling them if it’s a true emergency.


**Breakfast: **French toast, Bacon, Cereal/toast bar, Fruit and Juice

Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich, Mac and cheese, Green beans, Salad bar, Asst. fruit

**Dinner: **Hot dogs, Baked beans, Potato chips, S’mores

**PM snack: **Fruit snack

Directors Daily Talk


Morning Greeting

Good morning all! The campers were looking a bit gloomy here this morning to match our gloomy weather, but don’t worry we perked them right up this morning by making a tunnel of swim noodles and yelling BACON at them as they entered the dining hall! Because of todays weather our schedule will be switched around a bit, the children ate breakfast and are now listening to the morning sermon in the lodge. We will be planning indoor activities for the campers today, check back later for more details on what the kids are up to today!


The atmosphere was thick with the presence of the Holy Spirit this evening. We had many first time commitments and many other campers choose to be prayed over and anointed by counselors. It was amazing to see the campers be there for one another and extend their hands in pray. Please keep all the campers that made a commitment and recommitment tonight in your prayers.

God Bless

2013-06-25 at 10-02-05

Campers extend their prayers to a fellow camper through touch

2013-06-25 at 10-00-11

Boys in the back support one another

2013-06-25 at 09-46-25

Pray circles continue to be made and prayers shared

2013-06-25 at 09-58-49

Counselors help in anointing their campers who made commitments tonight


Hey parents! Just a friendly reminder that your kids are safe and sound in the basement with our extra goofy staff waiting for the storm to pass!

2013-06-25 at 10-29-36

Evening Worship

Song Set:

  1. Shine
  2. Promises
  3. Can’t stop singing
  4. Better than the best thing
  5. Shine like the sun
  6. Forever reign
  7. I will follow
  8. The time has come
  9. Arms open wide
  10. City of light


  •  The darkness is still around us and it is easy for us to get snagged by it.
  • How do we keep from getting snagged? By abiding in Him and knowing what He says about us.
  • We are called to be imitators of Christ
  • Many of us tend to be “Hokey Pokey” Christians, we act one way with our friends and then act another way with our church or family.
  • Live a life filled with light
  • When the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, he enables us to live holy lives
  • Only God can satisfy you completely

Scripture used this evening:

Colossians 4:14

2 Timothy 4:10

Ephesians 5: 8-14

Galatians 5

Evening Activities

This evening the campers enjoys the slip and slide and pool olympics! At the slip slide the kids got messy with shaving cream and at the pool olympics kids got daring in the belly smack contest! Congrats to all those brave soles who willing did a belly smack!

2013-06-25 at 06-58-17

Boy zooms down the slip and slide

2013-06-25 at 07-55-522013-06-25 at 07-55-52 (1)2013-06-25 at 07-55-53

2013-06-25 at 07-55-53 (1)

Afternoon Activities


Camper takes the high ropes to the zip-line for the first time

Today campers enjoyed our hot and sticky weather on the lake canoeing, in the woods on the paintball field and everywhere else around camp! Your campers will be kept extra cool tonight at the slip and slide and pool olympics! Check back in later for fun pictures (the slip and slide will be using shaving cream)!

2013-06-25 at 03-51-18

2013-06-25 at 03-48-36 2013-06-25 at 03-18-10


Here at Camp Adventure we like to teach your campers about eating as a family. To accomplish this we transform our worship hall into a dining area for our meals. Each table dismisses a handful of kids to go get the food from the kitchen. After this the food is passed down the table “family style”, we love that during this week of camp we all become one large, 210 people big, family!

2013-06-25 at 00-22-47

Yum, meatball subs for lunch!

High Ropes

Todays activity round one only lasted about 15 minutes before rain moved into camp. Don’t worry your campers returned to their cabins to stay dry! 2013-06-24 at 23-20-53

Camper climbing across the burma buckets

2013-06-25 at 00-05-51

Frisbee game near the cabins

Morning worship


  • Our bibles are going to LIGHT us up today!
  • Rob discusses the story of Zebedee sons from
  • He talked about how back in this culture Zebedee wanted his sons to be around the Rabbi so that they would become more like the Rabbi in all aspects of their life.
  • Rob wants the kids to understand that we should be reflecting Jesus in all ways of our life
  • When people see us they should see Jesus in us.
  • May we look like him, talk like him, and be like him in every walk of our life.

Song set:

  1. People of God
  2. We shine
  3. City of light

Scripture used in service:

Matthew 4:18

Morning Activities

2013-06-24 at 21-43-28

This morning kids are working on their glow time, cabin clean up, and building their rafts. We were also able to get cabin photos of each group, so make sure to check those out on the gallery link above!


We want you have a clear idea of what your child’s schedule looks like here at camp so that you are able to pray continuously throughout the day and be able to talk about everything with your camper when they return. The schedule below is the same for everyday here at camp.

7:00 AM: Optional polar bear swim

8:00 : Breakfast in the lodge

8:30 : Jesus Time (campers are to find a place where they can be quiet and reflect)

8:45 : Raft building/cabin clean up

9:45 : Morning program in the lodge

10:30 : Activity one (these change each day for the kids!)

12:00 : Lunch in the lodge

1:00 :Horizontal hour

2:00 : Activity two

3:30 : Activity three

5:00 : Dinner

5:30 : Bible Quiz

6:30 : All camper games in the valley

8:00 : Evening worship

10:00 : Snacks

10:30 : PM devotions

11:00 : Lights out!


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Ham, Cheesy Hash-browns, Cereal/toast, and fruit/juice

**Lunch: **Italian meatball sub, Fries, Broccoli, Salad bar, and asst. fruit

**Dinner: **Baked ziti, Bread sticks, Green Beans, Salad bar, and Jello cake

**PM snack: **Chips

Directors Daily Talk

Morning Greeting

Good morning, it’s terrific Tuesday here at camp and campers are smiling as they walk through the doors. Here at CA our staff likes to greet the kids by forming a tunnel in the doorway and yelling, giving out high fives, and occasionally pulling out the swim noodles for a little extra fun. So don’t worry if you campers not a morning person we are right there at the door to make sure they’re awake!!


Evening Worship

The kids are coming in from their first full day, wet and smelling of ketchup and mustard from messy games. If they are tired they aren’t showing it, they are so pumped up for worship! The excitement in the room is obvious, Gods about to move in this place tonight and the kids are definitely ready!

Song set:

  1. People of God
  2. We Shine
  3. Take It All
  4. Endless Light
  5. Better Than the Best Thing
  6. City of Light
  7. Cannons
  8. Lead Me to the Cross
  9. We Shine

2013-06-24 at 08-49-37

Students worshiping through song

2013-06-24 at 08-53-13

Counselors lead students in worship

2013-06-24 at 08-56-16

Students lift hands to praise God during worship


  • When light is in a particular place, the darkness scatters
  • When Jesus got tempted by the devil, all three times He pushed back the darkness and the lies and let the light shine
  • We need to get rid of the lies and replace it with the truth, God’s word.
  • We fail to see ourselves as God see us. As you draw closer to Christ, you start to learn how God see and thinks of you.
  • When you feel down, depressed, and bad thoughts fill your head, identify them as lies. Turn to God’s word, which is sharper than a two edged sword.

Scripture used this evening

John 3:16-21
John 1:1-5
Romans 5:8
James 4:7
John 15:4

Bible Quiz

2013-06-24 at 06-21-48

CA staff, Colton Nelson and David Nell, lead the group in their first BIBLE QUIZ!



Campers talk about their experience right after their first time blobbing today. It was so amazing to see this young gentleman connect his fear of going of the blob to pastor Robs message about the darkness. We are so thankful that he experienced the light today on the blob!

Daily Activities

Your campers this week are getting the chance to do multiple outdoor activities that will help them build strength in God, learn teamwork with their peers, and how to have fun in challenging circumstances. These activities include:

  • High Ropes
  • Low Ropes
  • The Blob
  • Paintball
  • Swimming
  • Canoes

2013-06-23 at 23-59-19 2013-06-23 at 23-59-15 2013-06-23 at 23-59-34

Morning Worship

Song Set:

  1. Shine
  2. Endless Light

Wes Crouch, a counselor here at camp, gave his testimony to the children. Wes was a camper here at CA all through middle school. Having Wes talk to the kids really allowed them to connect with him as he was standing in their shoes not too long ago.

Rob gave the students these scriptures to read and write down take always in their glow books.
Hebrews 4:12
John 1:11
Psalms 119:105 119:11


  • Gods light cancels out the darkness.
  • It’s easy to go about our life’s and not realize we are living in the darkness. When we open our eyes to the light of Jesus we will then realize how dark of a world we were living and desire to forever live in God’s light.
  • Rob gave the students time to engage in the word on their own while surrounded by all their fellow campers in the worship hall.


Breakfast: Pancakes, Sausage links, cereal, fruit, and yogurt bar.

**Lunch: **Corn dog, Potato chips, Fresh carrots and celery, Garden salad, and asst. fruit

Dinner: Fried chicken, Mashed potatoes, Green beans, Rolls, Salad bar, and Brownie

PM snack: Pretzels

Directors Daily Talk

Morning Greeting

Good morning! The campers are up and moving on this beautiful sunny day. They have just finished breakfast and are about to head to their morning cabin bonding activities. Here campers will clean cabins, have quiet time with Jesus, and work on building their cabin rafts out of two 50 gallon barrels, cardboard, milk jugs, twine, markers, fabric, scissors, box cutters, and duck tape. Now that sounds interesting! Check back in, in a few for notes from morning worship!


Night Activities


Tonight the kids got their first opportunity to go swimming in the pool! Night swims are some of the best nights here at camp. After an eventful first night campers are settling down into their bunks and preparing themselves for a fun packed day tomorrow, starting with the optional polar bear swim at 7 AM!!

God Bless

Evening worship20130623-193546.jpg

Students worshiping for the first time this evening with glow sticks!

The students are walking into their first evening worship set. The chairs are lined up, with glow sticks sitting on each seat. Our theme this summer is glow. The excitement is flowing as the band starts their first worship set.

Song set:

  1. Shine
  2. Promises
  3. Can’t stop singing
  4. Take it all
  5. Your love never fails
  6. Endless light
  7. Awake my soul
  8. One thing remains
  9. Cannons
  10. City of light
  11. How He loves

Notes from evening service

  • We shine for Jesus
  • Our fear is the enemy of faith. The devil uses our fear to tear us down in the darkness.
  • We must say yes to Jesus and no to ourselves. Being a follow of Jesus calls us to be selfless and follow the plans he has for us.
  • Satan is working as a tempter everyday in our lives but we must keep our eye on the light and away from the darkness.
  • Praying that God will turn on the light inside each kid this week and see their purpose.

Rob finished the service by inviting children to walk out of the darkness and into to the light of Jesus. Prays were shed over all the children that felt called to invite Jesus into their life as kids were encouraged to do as they felt called. Tonight was an amazing blessing as we had many children join pastor Rob on stage to pronounce that they had chosen to walk out of the darkness and into God’s beautiful light.


Students pray for their fellow campers that stood up with pastor Rob to walk into the light of Jesus Christ.

Scripture used this evening

Genesis 1:3 “And God said, ‘let there be light,’ and there was light”
John 3: 16-21 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son..”
Romans 8

Evening Activities

Campers have unpacked and have full bellies. Vally games were cute a little bit short as some rain is moving into camp. But no need to worry all the campers are safe and having fun with the worship team inside


Dinner: Cheeseburger, French fries, Corn, Salad bar, and dirt pudding

PM snack (severed at 10pm): Popcorn

Campers Arrival


Today’s the day!! Our first group of campers are on their way as I type! The staff, counselors, and directors are all eager for their arrival. We ask that you keep all the campers and their families in your prayers today as they travel to and from camp. Check back in later for pictures and videos from registration and our first evening here at camp!


CA staff eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first campers!


Almost There

It is almost time for camp to begin. Check back soon for all of the exciting adventures!