Camp Adventure - Middle School - June 22-27 (2014)

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Closing Celebration Video

Good Morning, Camp Adventure!!

Even though today is your camper’s last day here, spirits are still high and we have lots of fun planned out for them! Pool time, the blob, canoes and high ropes are all highlights of this afternoon’s schedule! Drive safely, and we’ll see you tonight for the closing celebration!


Thursday Evening Worship

Opening Songs:

Promises- Sanctus Real
Rise and Sing- Fee
Shout it Out- Jeremy Scott
God is for us- Chris Cauley
At Your Name- Phil Wickham

Rob Neel first tells a story from his childhood and relates it to how the church grows us up to do what we were created for.

He relates the church working together through using their gifts to a basketball team- everyone has to work  together, using different talents to make it work well. We can’t always do everything by ourselves. Some people excel at other things, and we have to work with them in order to further the Kingdom of God better. 

Rob next teaches on what to do when we leave camp, and how we can work together with the body of Christ to build up the Kingdom.

He speaks on how to give constructed criticism out of love to see growth in your life. We lift each other up for Jesus Christ.

Rob then challenges your campers to read every verse or passage in the Bible that contains the phrase “one another.” 

Learn how to tell your story by telling it to connect to HIS story.

The Church:
*The church is where God’s call finds his “feet” to go and be a full-time Server.

1 Timothy 4:12- “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young..”

Rob and the counselors pray over the children who feel called to go into full-time ministry or be pastors.

Kids who have accepted Jesus for the first time stood up and were prayed for as well.

Song: The Doxology

After the message, campers and counselors took communion as a cabin. Mitch explained to us the importance of  communion: 
-It is a way of showing that we accept Jesus and we will follow him forever

-It is symbolic of Jesus’ body and blood shed for us.

-It is a remembrance of what Jesus did for us

-This is important for us as a body of believers

The praise team sang more songs as the campers were finishing up communion and prayer for one another.

Then, three brothers, Brad, Brandon and Bryce, gave their testimony about finding a family and getting closer to God.

Rob Neel closes with an apology from the men to the ladies through a song titled “Goodnight ladies”


This evening, after a fantastic dinner of tacos with all the fixings, your campers participated in the annual Regatta Boat Race. All week, they have had time to work on building a raft as a cabin. To build this raft, they are supplied with two large barrels, pieces of foam, twine, pool noodles, plastic tablecloths, milk jugs, and anything else they can find lying around in the woods. Here are just a few of the fantastic designs your campers created!

2014-06-26 at 06-37-48 (2) 2014-06-26 at 06-41-23 2014-06-26 at 06-50-01 (4)

Pool Play

This afternoon,  some of your campers had a blast splashing around in the pool and getting the opportunity to use the camp’s underwater camera. Check out tour camp photo gallery to see some pictures! Also be watching for some of today’s footage in the closing celebration video tomorrow!

3… 2… 1… BLOB!!

This morning, a group of campers and counselors went out to the blob for their first rotation. Here’s just a little bit of the action!

Morning Worship

This morning in the amphitheater, David Neel spoke to us abut sharing our stories with others. Just as Paige shared her story last night, we need to share our stories with others, because our story makes an impact on someone else, and then someone else makes an impact on yet another person, and the impact you made on one person becomes a ripple of impact. Because of what we share and hear here, we can change someone else’s story for the better.

2014-06-25 at 22-33-26

Regatta Racing

Today, after a delicious breakfast of french toast sticks, bacon, cereal, fruit, and yogurt, your campers were ready to spend some quality time working on their rafts for tonight’s regatta! I Saw some spectacular designs and ideas, and I can’t wait to see which boat makes it through the mucky lake!

2014-06-25 at 21-07-30 2014-06-25 at 21-22-06 2014-06-25 at 21-56-53 (2)

Daily Director


Wednesday Evening Worship

Tonight, one our own staff members, Paige, gave her testimony in order to show your campers how to tell others about their testimony. 

Can’t Stop Singing- Seth Condrey
God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion)- David Crowder Band 
Shout It Out- Jeremy Scott
Oceans- Hillsong

Evening message:

Tonight, Rob tells the story of the little girl who accepted Jesus into her life every night of the week when she was at camp. He thinks she must have felt like she wasn’t saved yet. He then tells us there are many times in our lives that we won’t feel close to Christ, even though He is close.

2 Peter 3:18
2 Peter 1:3-11
2 Peter 2:20-22

He has given us the Holy Spirit. When you realize that you need Jesus…That’s the Holy Spirit knocking on the door to your heart. If you have given your heart to Jesus and you aren’t growing, it’s like a dog going back and eating its own puke(2 Peter 2:20-22).

Ways of growing:

-Memorizing scripture

-Worship with a congregation as well as on your own time


-Mission trips

-Giving to the poor and needy/ serving them

Galatians 5:22-23 – Fruits of the Spirit:






-Self control




Ask the Holy Spirit to activate a growth curve in you so you can grow and bear much fruit.

Messy Games!!

Tonight at Camp Adventure was full of baked beans, shaving cream, and cheese puffs, among many other nasty, messy things. Check out all of the photos HERE!

2014-06-25 at 07-11-08 2014-06-25 at 07-48-09 2014-06-25 at 08-10-26

Afternoon Excitement

Your campers got one rotation in this afternoon before a lingering storm threatened our activities once more. They got to spend some time working on their boats for tomorrow night’s regatta race across the high ropes lake! Here’s a video from paintball this afternoon!

Good Morning, Camp Adventure!

This morning, your campers had a BLAST going through their rotations! After a great lunch of grilled chicken sandwiches, green beans, chips, and fruit salad, as well as horizontal hour, your camper will be ready to tackle this evening’s rotations. To see some of today’s pictures, click HERE! 

Daily Director


Evening Worship

   -God is for Us- Chris Cauley
   -God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion)- Newsboys
   -We can Change the World- Hawk Nelson
   -This is Amazing Grace- Phil Wickham
   -Your Love Never Fails- Jesus Culture
   -From the Inside Out- Seventh Day Slumber
   -Arms Open Wide- Seth Condrey
   -How He Loves- David Crowder Band

Rob’s message tonight was from Ephesians 2. He talked about our identity. 
Sin keeps us away from God- it becomes our identity (our mentality before Christ)
           -Apart from Jesus, our identity is sin
v.4—God made us to be identified through Him
He (God) loves us so much, He gave us a new identity through Christ’s grace
          -we are God’s PERFECT masterpiece; He sees us as being perfect
          -if we are in Christ Jesus, we are a saint because of Christ’s sacrifice for us
v.14–we are united
v.19–we are members of Christ’s family; we have a forever family!
           -together we build His dwelling in His spirit
Do you strive to be perfect with Christ/in Christ?
    -we are the best through Christ who gives us strength
God sends us places to be ambassadors for Christ
     -it’s hard, but God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers (we are identified
      through Christ)
Where are you going?
Are you identified through Christ?
      -Do not be afraid to be identified through Christ; be proud that you are in a family that is
       ALWAYS loving and caring, that you have a Father that loves who YOU are and has
       made you perfect

Prayer- doing business with God

Afternoon Activities

This afternoon, right after a delicious lunch of tenderloin sandwiches, french fries, salad, pears, and broccoli with cheese, your campers rushed right off to their afternoon rotations. They were very eager to make sure they got all the time they could at places like the blob, high ropes, and the rock wall.

2014-06-24 at 04-01-24 (1)

Daily Director

Morning Rotations!

This morning, right after breakfast, your campers went out for their morning rotations! The rain here is threatening to dampen our activities once again today, but we’re doing our best to make the most of the time we have!


Evening Worship


This is Amazing Grace- Phil Wickham

The Stand- Hillsong

Oceans- Hillsong

Tonight, Rob told us that there are different postures of praying, not just the hands-folded-heads-bowed prayer we know best. He also posed some questions for us to answer, including “Who is calling me??”. When we know someone well, we recognize their voice. We also need to be able to recognize God’s voice in our lives. The voice of God is filling the room just like radio waves are filling the room. God ALWAYS wants to talk to you, you just have to focus on what He is saying! Remember- He will mess up your plan so His plan can take place.

Rob also read us three stories in which people were called by God
-1 Samuel 3:1-10
-Mark 10:46-52
-Matthew 4:18-22

Rob gave us three challenges tonight:

1. Know the voice of the speaker (God)
2. Actively hear what us being said- get into the heart of the message
3. Follow/obey

What is God saying to you?!
God wants to make disciples through your life!!

Squeezed In

Your campers couldn’t do their afternoon rotations, they could do evening rotations! The rain cleared up just long enough for your campers to run through one of their rotations. Click HERE to check out some photos from high ropes this evening!

2014-06-23 at 06-32-06 (1)

Rain Delays

Though the rain definitely put a damper on this afternoon’s outdoor activities, it definitely didn’t put a damper on the campers’ excitement and energy!! They enjoyed an afternoon of watching a movie, and then dinner of chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, salad, and brownies.

Morning Adventures

Your campers were all smiles and excitement as they set out on the journeys to their first rotations. Campers did all sorts of things, like canoes and the blob, among many others. Click HERE to check out some more of this morning’s photos!

2014-06-22 at 23-24-50 (5) 2014-06-22 at 23-40-50 2014-06-22 at 23-57-35 (1)

It’s Breakfast time!!

This morning, your campers were very excited to get their first full day of camp underway! They rushed into lookout lodge for a breakfast of pancakes, sausage links, eggs, fruit, cereal, and yogurt. Now, they’re nourished, energized, and ready to take on today’s adventures!


Sunday Night Worship

-Like a Lion- David Crowder Band
-From the Inside Out- Hillsong 
-How He Loves- David Crowder Band
-It’s All For You- Cloverton

Tonight, one of our directors, Rob Neel, was the speaker. He touched on a number of things that your campers will be learning this week. Here are just a few:

-Christianity is about being a community.

-This week, we will stretch who we are in Christ.

-There is no place in the Bible that says you have to close your eyes while you pray. 


-Luke 18:9-15
-Pharisee thought that he was too holy
-Pharisee is talking to God, and he wants to let people to know how cool he is.
                 -he compared himself to the tax collector
                 -judgement anger
-fasting is a spiritual discipline
-tithing is giving material back to God
-we don’t get to that broken place until we get caught
-the tax collectors were considered cruel
-the tax collector is broken and repented, and the Pharisee is too proud
-the tax collector knew he was a tax collector
-the Pharisee is the bad guy
-we are the center of our own universe
-sin is a barrier from God
-good church kids and preacher’s kids are the hardest people to reach
-Jesus loves us the same
-He is calling you


2014-06-22 at 09-26-17

Valley Games

In order for the campers to meet new counselors, campers, and staff members, everyone participated in team-building games in the valley this evening after dinner. The Wild Strawberry cabin were excited to have won one of tonight’s relays! Check out some more of today’s photos HERE!

2014-06-22 at 07-11-19 (1)

Campers Have Arrived!!!

We are SO excited to have your campers here at Camp Adventure this week! We look forward to meeting them and spending more time with them as they grow in the Lord. Your camper has already gotten all moved into their cabin, gotten to spend some quality time with their counselors and cabinmates, and, they’ve had a great dinner to keep them energized for tonight’s activities!

2014-06-22 at 04-18-18 (1)