Camp Adventure - Middle School - June 19-24 (2016)

Camp Photo Gallery

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End of Week Video

Saying Goodbye

The week has come to an end. The campers and counselors say their finals goodbyes. Friends and family come to pick them up to enjoy one last moment together at the closing ceremony. We have had a wonderful week with your campers. I hope that they share the many memories that they made here at Camp Adventure. God Bless you all. We hope to see you next year!

Morning/Afternoon Rotations

Even though it's the last day at camp, that doesn't mean that the camp memories and adventures will end.


The campers discussed the three steps and identified ways to overcome the fear or struggle that is associated with each step so the campers can feel equipped and able to do all three steps of a witness when they return home.

Morning Worship

This morning they are learning how to be a witness through these three steps:

  1. Care: We need to care enough for others to want to witness to them.
  2. Dare: We need to be daring and courageous to go and witness to them.
  3. Share: We need to tell others out witness about what God did for me.

Daily Director Greeting


Glo Sticks?

After worship the campers get to use up the rest of their energy to play a game all around the camp. They had to go find five different colors of go sticks and take them back to the rock wall. But here's the catch: there would be staff members patrolling the areas and if the cabins got caught they could get their go sticks taken away.

Congrats to Marsh Marigold for winning!

Late Night Worship

Here's what the campers learned from Pastor Rob tonight:

"What did you learn about at camp?" I learned who I am in Christ!

A little Review: I'm Gods masterpiece! He didn't make a mistake when he made me!
I'm a sinner, even my best falls short if it's up to me. When you're lost, the best way to get found is to stop going the direction you're going, turn around and start going the other way!
What's a disciple?; look what Jesus did and do it.

Jesus wants us to be a servant!
Matthew 25:31- separating the sheep from the goats. I will take the sheep. This is what you did for those in need. This is what you did for me. -what!? When did we ever see you in need or hungry?? Whenever you cared for them, you were doing that for me.

You're not a consumer, just needing to be entertained. Church isn't a store.
Go from wearing a bib to wearing an apron.
Be a disciple, wear an apron. When you meet someone and you find out they don't know Jesus, does it make your stomach hurt.

Communion- Servant style

Talent Show

Tonight we saw many talents expressed at camp. Here's one lucky cabin that did an awesome dance.

Human FoosBall

You may have only heard of the table foosball but at CA we like to shake things up a bit.

Team Bonding

Horizontal Hour

This is the designated rest time of the day/ All of the campers get to rest up before they go out to there activity rotations.

Early Breakfast

After a long night, the campers rush to breakfast so they can get going on this beautiful Thursday morning.

Daily Director Greeting

Late Night Worship

The campers are learning how to apply christianity to their daily lives! Let's check out what was said:


2)I will Follow
3)Create in Me a Clear Heart
4)[This is Amazing Grace]( › Music › Artists › Phil Wickham)
5)More of You

Message -Rob Neel

Brief recap from last night. Open up questions from campers,
"What does the Holy Spirit look like?"
Answer- we have no idea, look at each other that is what the Holy Spirit looks like in all of us. We can see the Holy Spirit
Wife at grocery store manager watchers her for 2 years and knows she is a Christian by her actions towards other
"How do you know the Holy Spirit is in you?"
Answer- a feeling that changes you. If love and kindness flows out of you then you have the Holy Spirit.
"How is the devil evil if God created him?"
Answer- God gives us the choice to love him. We can choose to love him or go to the evil side. Satan turned toward the evil side because the devil thought he was God so he tried to make people follow Satan

Rob's Dad spanked him with a belt. Rob took off his belt when his Dad went to spank him to rebel against him from getting spanked. Rob's friend sped and broke the law because he was being rebellious. The Bible is our key to knowing and following God. To be a disciple we must follow him.
To be a disciple look in the bible and do what Jesus did
Jesus taught people about God

If you say you are a follower of Jesus not everyone will accept you for who you are
What did Jesus do?
Healed the blind
Hung out with bad people
Missionaries bring the hope and message of Jesus and love
Story about Jesus walking on water Mathew 14:22-33
Talks about Peter stepping onto the water
Comparing hunger games books and Harry potter book lengths to length of the bible
Reading the bible is obtainable if you break it into parts.

Read versus Acts 1:1-3

Words jumped out because spirit
You got to practice to get better at stuff just like sports. The more you practice your faith the more you learn
If you want to become a disciple you have to put the time in to become a disciple

Girl has a dream to have a horse and for it to grow up and for her to become a champion horse trainer. The horse became a state champion.

2 groups journey to South Pole
Team 1 go on nice days rest on bad days
Team 2 go 20 miles everyday

Team 2 made it 34 days sooner
Team 1 all party's died 11 miles away from base camp

Find a pace and stay with it
Make your goal obtainable
Turn to a partner and tell them your goal for the week

Campers VS. Staff

Free Time

Due to the weather changing up the daily schedule, the campers are in the valley playing dodge ball, gaga ball, human foosball, basketball, and all other free time activities.

Devotional Time

The campers go off with their cabin groups to do their daily devotionals. During this time they go in depth about what they learned the previous day and during the morning worship.

Morning Worship

After commitment night, the campers learn about the God that they trust with their lives. Through their devotionals they are learning about who Jesus is and was.

The Blob

Weather doesn't stop us

The schedules have been changed due to upcoming weather. Everyone got in their daily activities and will soon be heading to indoor chapel. The campers are having a blast with the large activity group and are excited for the rest of the day!

Daily Director Greeting

Late Night Worship

Tuesday Night


1)"Lift Your Head Weary Sinner"
2)["Rise Sing"](Rise Sing)
3)"This is amazing grace"
4)"No longer slaves"
5)"good good father"

This week is starting great!

Rob's story about 4th grade being saved. In 6th grade his dad's preaching changed from "being nice and good people" to "preaching with power and authority. He prayed healing over a church lady that had a ruptured appendix. Then he gets fired, because haters were drinking haterade.

How do you find peace in your storm?

Last night we wrote our pain and troubles and God erased it and wrote FORGIVEN (FOGIVEN). We enable to leave out boring hum-drum life and follow Jesus. After that the Holy Spirit will start prompting you to pray for others and such.

from Acts 1

Anointing heads.

Slip N' Slide

Valley Game

Only at CA will kick ball be played with a ginormous beach ball!

High Ropes

The campers learned how to trust their equipment and face their fear of heights.

Bible Quiz

The weather never stops camp from continuing the fun! The staff gets ready to hit the stage to test the campers bible skills.

Daily Director Greeting

Late Night Worship


1)Gods not dead
2)I Can't Stop Singing
3)Lift Your Head Weary Sinner
4)Lead Me To The Cross
5)From The Inside Out
6)Brokenness Aside

Speaker: Rob Neel

-Step up to the fear to beat the fear
-When we confess our sin, he forgives our sin

  • We are not living in the truth and worshipping our Lord if we are living in the darkness.
    No Longer Slaves


1 John 1 : 5-7


The campers went into the back of the worship space (which was dark) and wrote a sin that they wanted to be removed from their life through repentance. After writing this sin down, they turned from this sin and walked into the front of the worship space (which is lit up). This symbolized how we walk away from our sins to walk to God.

Swim Test

The campers all gather around the poolside as they wait their turn to see if they will be able to go off of the pool diving boards in the deep-end.

Low Ropes

The campers have to learn to trust and work together with their cabins.

Happy Hour with Adam & David

While the counselors take a break, the two directors take on the job of entertaining the campers with a little fun with trivia.


Time to mark each other with pink paint!

Morning Worship

After a hearty breakfast the campers come together to start their morning off with a few songs. They are also challenged to reflect on the spiritual focus for the day (Sin).

JAM time

(Jesus and me time) This is the time of day where the campers get to sit back and enjoy Gods presence on their own. They get to listen and hear what the Lord has to say for their lives.

Daily Directors Greeting


Snack Time

None of the campers leave chapel without their evening snack to lull their hungry stomachs to sleep.

Evening Worship

The first night of worship is always a special treat for the campers to get to know the God whom will be working with them throughout the week.


1)God is on the move
2)Create One
4)Be enthroned
5)When you walk into the room
6)Good Good Father

Key Verse:
Ephesians 2:10

You see we're all gods masterpieces because we were created by a mastermind. He made us unique and perfect yet we live in a broken place that see's us as imperfect and worthless but that's not what god has called us to be. This world wants us to wear a mask to fit in and not show our true character. Yet the grace that God has for us is unexplainable that no matter what we do, God still loves you and wants us to live out the person he made us to glorify His Kingdom. We see ourselves as what we own, drive, eat, etc yet we need to see ourselves as God see's us and not focus so much on the outer parts of us but our heart. God created all of us in his image, blessed to be perfect masterpieces.

Using various mirrors- when you look in the mirror and write on the mirror of what you think God thinks of you while band played in the back.

Valley Game

The campers have just arrived and have energy to be used so, they are playing an awesome game down in the valley to start their week of right!

Campers Arrive!!

You've just dropped your kids off at Camp Adventure! We're so excited to be able to speak the word of Christ into your children. This week is going to be a week full of life long memories and friends.