Camp Adventure- Middle School - July 7-12 (2013)

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The director this week, Mark Hammond (Weaz), wanted to share this short video with you as he, and all the campers are so grateful for the donations that helped them get to camp!

Afternoon Activities

Today campers finished off their last few hours here by playing pool Olympics. We had games like biggest slash, smallest splash, sponge race, sink the canoe, and a relay! This was a great time and a fabulous way to end our week together as a group!

2013-07-12 at 03-36-46

2013-07-12 at 03-37-53

2013-07-12 at 03-38-12

2013-07-12 at 03-39-41

Campers kick hard to win their relay!

Check out this AWESOME interviews from the week!

Camper talks about his experience with the high ropes

Camper discuss his growth here at camp

Morning Activities

Counselor shows off his flipping skills

Morning Worship

Song set:

  1. Can’t stop singing
  2. Arms open wide
  3. Not ashamed


  • Jesus knew that he was going to have to endure pain and torture for us
  • Jesus didn’t lie to them so he wouldn’t be killed cause he knew what he had to do for all man kind
  • He knew the consequences of his path
  • When you choose to follow Jesus you know the path you are going down will be hard and you need to prepare yourself for the tests he will put before you
  • Know where you are going as a follower of Jesus and stay strong


Breakfast: Breakfast sandwiches, Crispy cubes, Toast/cereal bar, Fruit/juice

Lunch: Chicken wraps, Potato chips, Corn, Salad bar, Asst. fruit

Dinner: Pizza, Breadsticks, Cookies

Daily Director Talk


Happy Fantastic Friday! Today is our last day here at camp and camper are ready for their last activity rotation and pool olympics this afternoon! Our closing ceremony is this evening starting at 6:30 sharp. Please arrive in the parking lots between 6 and 6:15 to make your way to the lodge and find a seat. We are looking forward to seeing you today and please continue praying for all the traveling that will occur.


Evening Worship

Song set:

  1. We Are The Free
  2. Happy Day
  3. Your Love
  4. Oceans
  5. How He Loves


  • The top of the mountain is comfortable, you may want to stay for awhile but you are going to grow there
  • You have to go down the mountain so you can get into life and let your faith grow
  • The hair balls are going to come back up, but God is with you
  • In order to stay on the path we have to: 1. Put your eyes on the prize 2.Follow the exits that God gives you 3. Pursue the people that God gives you
  • A great myth that we must know is NOT true: we have to do this alone
  • The great truth that we MUST know: we are never alone
  • Let the friends made here help you out in your path with encouragement, plans, and remembering what got you to where you are
  • Communion is our way to come together with one another and be there for each other in our faith

Scripture used in service:

Mark 9: 2-13

1 John 4:4

Hebrews 12: 1-2

1 Corinthians 10:13

2013-07-11 at 10-01-34

Counselors serve their campers communion

Evening Activities

Tonight was another great night at the slip and slide. Campers were so excited to finish our last night here at camp by sliding down the slip and slide all soapy and muddy!

2013-07-11 at 06-49-00

Camper gets wet before going down the slip and slide

2013-07-11 at 06-49-51

Another camper being prepped to go down the slip and slide

2013-07-11 at 07-05-22

Worship team train

2013-07-11 at 07-15-24

Director, Weaz, gets a little muddy!

Afternoon Activities

The blobbing team had a great time today and had a great group with everyone excited to go off!

2013-07-11 at 02-45-19         2013-07-11 at 02-45-20 (2)        2013-07-11 at 02-45-20 (1)       2013-07-11 at 02-45-20

Campers are hitting their last activities and some of the most anticipated for groups like paintball! The paintball group today had everyone participating and what turned out to be a really fun and exciting game. Even though it was a bit hot and wearing the sweating masks can get frustrating sometimes we are glad that all the campers we able to have such a great time on the course today!

2013-07-11 at 03-20-35

Morning Worship

Song set:

  1. Happy Day
  2. Greatness of Our God
  3. Arms Open Wide


  • We can’t spend our lives searching out money and material items
  • We are called to follow christ and pick up his name and share it with others
  • We have to live out our Christianity is every walk of our life
  • We can be leaders and take other people with us as we walk with Christ
  • Need to be willing to walk into the unseen and take a leap of faith to bring others into the Kingdom of God

2013-07-10 at 21-49-42

Morning worship gets off to a good start

2013-07-10 at 21-54-08

The room feels energized after the fantastic commitment night

2013-07-10 at 21-54-15

Everyone is ready for their day after this amazing worship set


Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy, Hash coins, Toast/cereal bar, Fruit/juice

Lunch: Ham and turkey subs, smiley fries, watermelon, salad bar

Dinner: Taco and Burrito bar, Taco fixings, Nachos, Corn, Salad bar, Churros

Daily Director Talk

**Announcement **

Cabin photos were taken today and are available for purchase, along with any of the other photos, on the photo gallery! (See link above)

2013-07-10 at 21-05-50


“Welcome to the BEST Thursday breakfast of the week!” -David Neel (staff member) We are so excited to have such a wonderful day, a day to celebrate all those lives that entered the body of Christ last night with activities and communion tonight. Campers will be attending their last activities today and are excited to participate in things like paintball, high ropes, and blob! Please be praying that today is a day of blessings and accomplishments; we hope that campers will overcome fears and join in community to continue bonding with their fellow campers!


Evening Worship

Song set:

  1. Not Ashamed
  2. I Can’t Stop Singing
  3. Your Love Never Fails
  4. Call Me Higher
  5. How He Loves
  6. Beautiful Things
  7. Arms Open Wide
  8. Take It All 


  • Jeff Gogenour spoke about us being dead in our transgressions
  • Jesus came because he knows that we are capable of amazing things
  • The only way for us to live that amazing life is to be made alive to the path that God has set for us
  • We have to be ALL IN and alive for Christ
  • When we are in Christ we don’t continue living our old lives, we are transformed by His presence

Scripture used in service:

2 Corinthians 5:17

Ephesians 2:4-5

Romans 10:9-10

John 10:10

2013-07-10 at 10-24-58

Campers praising God.

2013-07-10 at 10-18-08 (1)

Campers comforting each other and praising the Lord

Evening Activities

The kids had a blast participating in the wonderful slip n’ slide we have here at Camp Adventure. Camper after camper ran up the hill to be sudsed up and sent down.

2013-07-10 at 07-25-51

Camper at the top of the slip n’ slide.

2013-07-10 at 07-20-00

Camper on his way down.

2013-07-10 at 07-07-12

All smiles at the bottom.

Afternoon Activities

The kids continue to go around to their activities and try out new things they are never done before! We’ve had many campers face their fear and come out with no regrets! It’s a bit humid here at camp but the water groups are rejoicing and enjoying the refreshing feeling in the pool/lake.

2013-07-08 at 07-27-15

Camper cools off in the pool

2013-07-07 at 23-12-23

Camper walking across low ropes

Morning Activities

Morning Worship

Song set:

  1. Mighty to save
  2. We are the free
  3. All because of Jesus


  • We are challenged by God and we challenge God’s plan everyday, but we must follow the path he is laying down for us
  • Shared the story about when Abraham’s faith was tested, by being told he had to kill his one and only child
  • Campers faith will be tested this week (when you camper returns home ask them where God tested their faith)
  • Campers must trust those who are leading them: God, counselors, director, and staff


Breakfast: French toast sticks, bacon, Fruit/juice, Toast/cereal bar

Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich, chips, green beans, salad bar, asst. fruit

Dinner: Hot dogs, baked beans, Potato chips, salad bar

Snack: Fruit snack

Daily Directors Talk


Welcome to Wednesday’s blog! Last night campers were challenged to discuss what’s holding them back from being clean with God and their fellow campers and counselors. This was a strong evening in most of the cabin discussions and we’re hoping for an emotional and powerful night this evening, as it is commitment night here at camp. Please be praying for all our campers, counselors, directors, and staff as we hope many new lives join God’s Kingdom tonight. Be looking for the daily director talk and morning worship notes!


Evening Worship

Song set:

  1. Take it all
  2. Not ashamed
  3. Our God
  4. Oceans


  • When God call us to the path he has laid out for us we can either follow it or deny him what he has intended for us, to live our the life to the fullest in him
  • Once we take a few steps down the wrong path it’s easy to get sucked in
  • Jesus walked the path that God had called for him, to be beaten and die on the cross, and he followed that path because it was God’s will
  • You think you can take control of your own life, but we will always experience setbacks that are out of our control
  • Take this week to cleanse yourself of things holding you back from living a life for Christ
  • We are called to know that there is evil and holy spirit present on this earth
  • Jesus wants ALL of us not a Sunday you, and school you, a family you, but all of you!
  • We must be ALL in to life our life to the fullest

Scripture used in service:

1 John 1:8-10

Evening Activities

Tonight all the groups completed the activity round that they miss due to the storm earlier and then went to messy games in the Valley. Tonights messy game was to see who could build the best catapult to laugh a block of spam! Let me tell you, a field covered in spam does NOT smell good! But good times were had!

2013-07-09 at 08-22-31

Flying spam!

2013-07-09 at 08-21-17

Spam celebration!

2013-07-09 at 08-24-51

Counselors get into the spam launching contest!

Afternoon Activities

Camper continued their rounds to their first activity at 2, however a very small thunder storm did start to move in on us here at camp so we shut down activities and went to bible quiz in the Lodge! The rain and thunder has now passed and we are ready to enjoy to delicious dinner then get back to activities. We had so many brave campers try new things today and like Mark said ‘never say I can’t and try everything!’

2013-07-09 at 02-57-57

Campers with big smiles right after their Zip Line experience

2013-07-09 at 04-05-29

Happy camper on the Zip Line

Morning Activities

Today is a hot one here at CA, but no need to worries campers are instructed to drink 3 cups of water at each water station before starting their activity! We are keeping cool during lunch and counting our blessing at the water activities! Check out how high our blobbers went today!

2013-07-08 at 23-43-27

Blobbing with a smile!

2013-07-08 at 23-13-58

Canoes enjoy some sun and refreshing water in the lake

Morning Worship

Song set:

  1. We are the Free
  2. Always
  3. Greatness of our God


  • We have to help those who are put in our life and need us
  • We can not give up on people that need us no matter how hard it is or how much they push us away
  • After sharing the Good Samaritan story kids give advice to be the Good Samaritan to someone else
  • We can’t give up on God!

Scripture used in service:

Luke 10: 25-37

2013-07-08 at 22-02-21

Worship gets campers ready for an exciting day

2013-07-08 at 22-09-03

Praise band leads campers in morning worship


Breakfast: Eggs, Ham, Cheesy hash browns, Fruit/juice, Toast/cereal bar

Lunch: Corn dogs, Mac and cheese, Pears, Broccoli and Carrots, Salad bar

Dinner: Baked ziti, Breadsticks, Green beans, Salad bar, Cake with icing

Snack: Rice Krispie treat

Daily Directors Talk


Happy Tuesday!! It’s a beautiful day here at camp, sun is out and the warmth is here! Many kids had an incredibly moving night last night with our guest speaker Clinton ‘Fop’ from Remedy. We are excited to provide the kids with another day of adventures where we hope they will continue to grow in the relationship with God and other campers.



This evening a counselor felt called to share what was on her heart with the campers, check out her thoughts below!

2013-07-08 at 09-11-42

Campers feeling called to lift up their hands and praise God

2013-07-08 at 09-13-12

So many hands raised high for Jesus!

Evening Worship

Song set:

  1. Can’t stop Singing
  2. We are the Free
  3. Mighty to Save
  4. Oceans


  • We are all one of a kind 
  • No matter what we think, our Creator sees us as unique
  • We need to see that there is a path for our life that God has made for us
  • Our job is to see, accept, and decide to follow this path, meaning that we allow Christ to guide our choices
  • ” Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength”
  • Heart- Where you store your gold (things that are important to you)
  • Mind- Where you think about the gold
  • Strength- What you do with your gold (how you act out what you think about)
  • Once we remove the gunk that fill up our heart, mind, and strength we are finally able to live out our lives to the fullest
  • In order to begin removing the gunk, we need to take the first step of confessing the things that keep us from living out full lives.
  • If we confess our sins to God, he can always be trusted to forgive us and take away our sins

Scripture used in service:

Luke 10: 27

1 John 1:8-10

John 10:10

2013-07-08 at 09-10-35

Worship brings out strong emotions in all the campers

2013-07-08 at 09-14-17

Worship band gets the campers excited about new songs

Evening Activities

Right after dinner campers participate in a game called Bible Quiz. Here campers are quizzed, Jeopardy style, over topics such as Men of the Old Testament or New Testament Knowledge.

2013-07-08 at 06-12-56

Camper plays the role of the buzzer

This evening campers played a huge game of ultimate frisbee! The field was a bit chaotic, which brought challenge and fun to the game! After this valley game kids had an all camp swim!

2013-07-08 at 07-02-58

Group frisbee in the Valley

2013-07-08 at 07-30-19

Relaxing in the pool

CA record whirl pool!

Afternoon Activities

2013-07-08 at 04-42-23

Sam and Sam just after finishing the Zip Line

This afternoon we do have a little bit of rain here at CA, luckily it’s only rain so it’s not stopping us from doing any of our activities!

2013-07-08 at 02-41-03

Blobber soars high in the air!

3, 2, 1 BLOB!

Morning Activities

Low ropes were a hit this morning! During the first activity round students went to numerous activities around camp. The low ropes course had about 4 separate Home in the Woods groups going through the challenges. Low ropes is where campers focus on bonding with their teammates and working together. So much is taught at the low ropes and the debrief section of the course is one of the most important parts!

2013-07-07 at 22-59-33

Campers work together to get through the low ropes course

2013-07-07 at 23-18-36

Campers get through the last course

2013-07-07 at 23-20-53

Girls have a fun time on the low ropes course

Morning Worship

2013-07-07 at 21-52-00

Campers join in with clapping

Song Set:

  1. All Because of Jesus
  2. Our God
  3. Called Me Higher


  • The you choose here at camp will determine if you go to a high point or low point in your life
  • As people of God we must remember that we worship only one God and that we must cast down our idols
  • Wants the campers to start looking at Jesus as a person that walked with us as humans and had emotions and experiences just like we do
  • Sometimes the high path, of obeying God, will be tough and a hard path
  • Obey the path of God this week

Scripture used in service:

Daniel 3

2013-07-07 at 21-54-19

Campers get excited during morning worship

2013-07-07 at 21-58-06

Worship teams gets campers ready for their day!


Breakfast: Pancakes, Sausage links, Fruit/Juice, Toast/Cereal bar

Lunch: Meat ball subs, Broccoli and cheese, Fries, Fresh celery and carrots, Salad bar, Asst. fruit

Dinner: Fried chicken parts, Mashed potatoes, Green beans, Roll, Salad bar, Brownie

Snack: S’mores

Daily Director Talk


Good Morning World! It’s a beautiful day here at camp, the sun is shinning and the heat is here; campers are ready for the activities to begin! The campers will be participating in: paintball, high ropes, low ropes, blob, canoeing, and swimming pool! Their activities will switch each day as well as their evening valley activities. We’re looking forward to a fabulous week here at camp!


Evening Worship

This evening was the first night of worship. To set the tone, counselors entered first to line the aisles with enthusiasm and BIG smiles. The campers then entered, first having to fist bump Mark Hammond (one of this week’s directors), and took their seats with excitement! Worship in the lodge is one of the most important places here at camp; it’s where your camper learns, grows and experiences God’s love the most. During a normal worship set, you will be able to follow along with notes and scripture used throughout, however tonight was solely dedicated to camper rules.

Song set:

  1. Take it All
  2. Can’t Stop Singing
  3. Greatness of Our God
  4. Called Me Higher

2013-07-07 at 09-15-00

The band kicks off the first night of worship with a bang!

2013-07-07 at 09-15-59

Campers lift their hands in praise

Evening Activities

This evening, after dinner, campers made “flags” for their home in the woods group. Here at CA we like for all the campers to get to know as many people as they can. To make this happen cabins are split in two and then paired up with another cabin half of the opposite gender. These groups are called home in the woods groups. Tonight was their first meeting and at it, they created “flags” to carry with them all around camp this week!

2013-07-07 at 07-26-42

Camper shows off his Home in the Woods flag

2013-07-07 at 06-50-23

Campers have fun creating names for their groups

2013-07-07 at 07-37-50

Each group presents their flag in front of all the camp


Dinner: Hamburgers, Fries, Corn, Salad bar, Dirt pudding

Snack: Popcorn


2013-07-07 at 04-29-25

Counselor excited to meet his campers!

2013-07-07 at 04-53-10

Craziest camper faces!

Hey parents! Your campers are settled into their cabins and are now eating dinner! This evening, the kids will be making flags for their cabins and experiencing their first worship! This is where you will want to check in for all your updates throughout the week. Also, above you can find the link to the photo gallery make sure to check in frequently!

The staff is so excited for you to be here they built a pyramid!