Camp Adventure - Middle School - July 6-11 (2014)

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Closing Celebration Video

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Thursday Evening Worship


We Are The Free- Matt Redman
You Make Me Brave- Bethel Music
God’s Great Dance Floor- Chris Tomlin
Lead Me To The Cross-Hillsong
Sinking Deep- Hillsong

Tonight, as a part of the final message of the week, Scott reminded us of a few things we should strive to do in our day-to day lives once we return home. 
-Silence the “shouting” and be still to hear God’s whisper
-Sometimes shouting is a strategy, but sometimes silence is a strategy too
-Creating a quiet environment, similar to what Jesus did with his disciples
-Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and served them
-Sometimes we need to pick up our towel and serve others around us
-Kingdoms that lasted the longest were run by humble leaders who served people in their kingdom
-The flip happened when Jesus came and served people. His kingdom has lasted over 2000 years
-Jesus looks at us and asks us to humbly serve

After you leave camp:
What will your life shout?
Think about the words you will use, the clothes you will wear, the choices you will make, the places you will go.  
What message will you send?
What will you spend money on? What will you spend time on?
What will you and your friends talk about the most?
What makes you cry?
What makes you angry?
What makes you energized?

The night Jesus sat with his disciples and served them was an illustration of what was to happen on the cross. His body would be broken, his blood would be shed. This was an act in remembrance of Jesus. We are instructed to do it often.

Evening Slip n’ Slide

This evening, all of your campers got the opportunity to sped down the side of the valley on our slip n’ slide! Though some got splashes of soap in their mouthes, all were rushing back to the top to go down one, two, even three more times before they headed off to the pool for all-camp swim. To check out all of this week’s great pictures, click HERE!

2014-07-10 at 06-53-40 (3)


This afternoon, quite a few campers conquered their fears at the blob. Though it’s a jump that scares many, your campers were great sports about trying new things and stepping out of their comfort zones. All of their counselors and the camp staff are SO proud of them! Make sure to ask them all about it when they come home!

2014-07-10 at 03-37-03 (1)

Morning High Ropes!

This morning, some of your campers got a bird’s eye view from the top of our rock wall and high ropes course! They zipped right through the course  and up the wall, and then down the zip lines!!

2014-07-09 at 23-32-23  2014-07-09 at 23-49-312014-07-09 at 23-38-11 (1)

Daily Director


Commitment Night

Let It Be Known- Worship Central
One Thing Remains- Jeremy Riddle
Oceans- Hillsong United
How He Loves- David Crowder Band

Matthew 20:29-34
These men knew about Jesus and had heard what He could do- just like us. We’ve heard about Him from various people, and we thirst to know more.

Some of us are empty and we try to fill ourselves up with different things, but we can never completely get full without Jesus-no matter what else we fill ourselves with. 
Romans 10:8-11
Jesus is willing to come in, fill us up, and save us-no matter what you have tried to put in His place.
Romans 8:37-39

It is in our heart that we believe in Christ, but it is by confessing with our mouths that Jesus is Lord that we are saved. 

—What is that piece of junk in your life that you need to repent of and be rid of?—

Jesus isn’t only available at certain times to forgive sins, he is available at any time in any place in any circumstamce
Luke 10:8-10

There is rejoicing by the angels in Heaven for even one sinner repenting. 

2014-07-09 at 09-35-09

Messy Games

This evening in the valley, your campers got to participate in messy games! Be sure to ask them all about  it after they get home from camp!!

2014-07-09 at 07-06-41 2014-07-09 at 07-06-302014-07-09 at 07-09-04 (1)

Afternoon Rotations

This afternoon, some of your campers got the chance to hang out and have some fun at high ropes! Scaling the wall and speeding right through the course, smiles were on many faces. To see all of today’s photos, just click HERE! 

2014-07-09 at 04-35-57

Lunch Time!

Today for lunch, your campers had grilled chicken sandwiches, chips, salad, fruit, pasta salad, and cookies. They are ready to have a great afternoon packed full of fun things!

Morning Rotations

This morning, the blob and canoes were the highlight of some campers’ day! They had a great time launching others and getting launched into the lake. Now, it’ s time for lunch, and then horizontal hour, followed by our afternoon rotations!!

2014-07-08 at 23-24-48 (1)  2014-07-08 at 23-50-12 (4)2014-07-08 at 23-26-03

Daily Director

Good Morning, Camp Adventure!

This morning has turned out as a BEAUTIFUL day so far! The sun is shining, she sky is blue, and your campers are ready for a fantastic day here at camp!! After a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, hash browns, cereal, fruit, and yogurt, they are energized and ready for morning worship and their morning rotations!


Monday Evening Worship


Go- Hillsong

God’s Great Dance Floor- Chris Tomlin

Take it All- Third Day

Can’t Stop Singing- Seth Condrey

You Make me Brave- Bethel Music

Tonight, our speaker, Scott Greene, talked about taking a step out like Peter did when he walked on water. He talked about how we are choice makers- living our lives for ourselves or someone else. Sometimes you can feel self conscious of being different of stepping out. 

Awls- poke holes into leather
Bond servant- serve The Lord for eternity

In scripture, Paul calls himself a bondservant. In Romans 1:1, Phillipians 1:1, James 1:1, and 2 Peter 1:1, both introduce themselves as bond servants as well. 

Bond servants work in the Old Testament to repay their debts. Not a brutal life-you get a bed, food, and are released on the 7th year. When released, you bless them as The Lord would (Deuteronomy 15:12-17) or they have the choice to stay if they want where they take an awl and pierce their earlobe to become a lifelong bond servant. Person becomes marked to show that they have surrendered to a master. 

The things that identify us display what we shout and who we serve. 

Just like bond servants in the Old Testament, we as Christians choose to surrender to God. 

Why do we do this? Because we get loved and provided for.
We have the option to surrender our lives to God. 

Waterfront Fun!

This afternoon was a great time spent on the waterfront at the blob and canoes! CHeck out all of today’s pictures HERE!  2014-07-08 at 04-49-01


This morning was a beautiful time for some paintball here at Camp Adventure! It wasn’t too humid, and the temperature was just right! 2014-07-07 at 23-35-34 (2)

Morning Showers

Though there is a bit of rain this morning here at Camp Adventure, your campers are still smiling and ready to start off their day. though some activities may be postponed until later in the week, we will make sure no one misses anything! monday-tuesday



Can’t Stop Singing- Seth Condrey
Let It Be Known- Worship Central
Greatness of our God-  Hillsong Worship
You make me brave- Bethel Music, Amanda Cook

Tonight, our message was given by our Keynote speaker of the week, Scott Green
-Our lives shout what we love/worship: sports teams, bands, etc.
-We are willing to buy and do crazy things for material things and our lives shout for other things that don’t really matter
-We have a choice everyday to surrender our lives to God or not

*What is your life shouting?…Ask yourselves these questions and see what your life shouts:  think about what you wear, the words you use, the places you go, what you spend money on, what you and your friends talk about the most, what makes you angry, cry, energized??
-Joshua musters the courage to follow the Lord’s call and he goes to the city and march around it 6 times in silence (6 days). On the 7th day, the trumpets sound and Joshua commands the army to shout and the walls collapsed.

God is going to call you to shout about something in your life and He wants to use it as a strategy to reach people that need to be reached. And we have a choice- what are you going to do with it? You are here this week, surrounded by people who care about you, to decide what you want your life to shout and how you are going to let God use you. What are you going to do with it? Be challenged this week to examine your life and respond to the God who loves you and wants you to trust him.

Rock Wall Rocks!!

This afternoon, some of your campers got the chance to climb the rock wall and the high ropes course! They all did a great job getting up the wall or through the course, and then down the zip line!! 2014-07-07 at 04-25-25 (1)


This morning, some of your campers had a FANTASTIC time on the blob! Though the water was a bit chilly at first, they got accustomed to it quickly! To see more of today’s photos, click HERE!

2014-07-06 at 23-19-12 2014-07-06 at 23-23-03 (3)

Good Morning, Camp Adventure!!

This morning, your campers started their day off right with pancakes, sausage links, cereal, fruit, and yogurt. They are full of energy an ready to start their first full day here at camp!   sunday-monday

Sunday Evening Worship


Yours Is The Glory- KIngdom FaithAlive- HillsongSinking Deep- Hillsong Our God Is Greater- Shane&Shane
Tonight, our evening worship leader, Weaz, went over Camp Adventure’s expectations and traditions. Now that the campers know what is expected of them, they are prepared to have an amazing week!!

Greetings Campers!!

Your campers have all settled in to their cabins. They are ready for an amazing, life-changing week here at Camp Adventure. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for them! 2014-07-06 at 04-27-56 (2)