Camp Adventure - Middle School - July 21-26 (2013)

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Closing Notes

  • Even though we know what the right choice is we make the wrong choices over and over again
  • What good is knowing the difference between right and wrong if we don’t use it to make our decisions
  • We don’t come to camps to go home and never sin again
  • The beauty is that Jesus knows we are going to mess up
  • And he proclaims that he will still love us no matter how big we mess up or how far we fall from God, his arms will always be open to us
  • God’s love is bigger then all the bad choices we make
  • Every time you fail or succeed remember that God’s love is big enough for you
  • His love never fails, never runs out on us, it is that big!

Friday Activities

Check out all these awesome highlight videos from Blob, Paintball, Low Ropes, and High Ropes

Blob interview!

Low Ropes interview

High Ropes interview

Blob interview

Paintball interview

Everyone loved the blob!

High Ropes interview

Morning Worship

Song set:

  1. I am Set Free
  2. Inside Out
  3. Our God is Greater

Morning devotion questions:

  • Scripture used this morning: Luke 24: 45-52
  • How did Jesus’ disciples learn the Bible?
  • Jesus says he will send “what the father has promised” What does that mean?
  • What does is mean to be “clothed with power from on high?
  • From where do we gain the ability to do any good thing?


Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich, Crispy cubes, Toast/cereal bar, Juice/asst. fruit

Lunch: Chicken wraps, Potato Smiles, Corn, Salad bar, Asst. fruit

Dinner: Pizza, Breadsticks, Cookies

Daily Director Talk


It’s FRIDAY! And what a great Friday it is going to be as your campers travel to their last activities of the week and also get to see you! This evening ceremony will start promptly at 6:30. Please arrive around 6/6:15 to make your way up to the lodge and have plenty of time to check in. We are looking forward to seeing you all tonight, and giving you a little taste of what we all experience here at camp. Safe travels to all.


Evening Worship

Song Set:

  1. We are the Free
  2. Your Love Never Fails
  3. Everything Glorious 
  4. Pharaoh
  5. Take it All


  • Your life is like a rubber band, the farther you stretch the farther you will go
  • Sometimes new things seem scary but God tells us numerous time “do not be afraid”
  • Fear does not come from God, and he tells us not to fear time after time because Satan tried to shut us up
  • Don’t ever let Satan win, always keep going
  • Your faith is like fire, you can share it with those around you and it will spread.
  • When you share your flame, yours does not go out, it continues to glow
  • Change occurs when you make it happen
  • God doesn’t send us alone, and it is easier to be brave with a buddy
  • This evening was communion and was beautiful to see the campers come together to take part in communion together as fellow believers in Christ

2013-07-25 at 08-31-02

Campers sing during their last evening worship

2013-07-25 at 09-26-39

Campers pray after communion

Afternoon Activities

Campers continue to reach their last activities throughout the day today and have a great time while doing so! Cabins continue to grow closer and form bonds that are evident.

2013-07-25 at 02-25-00

Campers enjoying a fun game of counselor ball

2013-07-25 at 02-27-12

Counselor ball gets intense

2013-07-25 at 03-29-26

These girls had a fabulous time at high ropes today!

Morning Activities

This week at camp the girls here get to attend crafts twice! Once to do the string art and a second time to make bracelets, headbands, anklets. The group has a great time bonding with other cabins and making fun things they can share with other friends!

2013-07-24 at 23-02-35

Campers help each other get started on their bracelets

2013-07-24 at 23-09-22

Camper finishes her first bracelet!

2013-07-24 at 23-47-15

Morning Worship

Song set:

  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Beautiful Things
  3. One Thing Remains 

Morning devotion questions:

  • Scripture used: Matthew 28: 18-20
  • Wait, eleven disciples? What happened to number twelve?
  • How is it even possible that HIS DISCIPLES were still doubting Him?
  • What does it mean to ‘make disciples’?
  • When Jesus says He is ‘with us’, what does that really mean to you?

**Meals **

Breakfast: Biscuits and gravy, Hash coins, Toast/cereal bar, Juice/fruit

Lunch Ham and turkey subs, Chips, Fresh carrots and broccoli, Salad bar, Asst. fruit

Dinner: Taco and burrito bar, Taco fixings, Corn, Salad bar, Churros

Daily Director Talk


Merry Christmas!!! (in July) We started this morning off with Christmas carols and spent our entire breakfast listening to Christmas songs! It’s going to be a great day today as campers make their way to their last activities and continue to celebrate all the good that’s happening at camp. This evening is communion and we hope that all our campers will get to experience this wonderful service we have prepared for them. Continue to pray for all the campers on this great night.


Late night Activity

This evening from 9:50-10:30 campers had a celebration dance party! Campers had a great time dancing around with glow paint and going wild with the band!

2013-07-24 at 10-10-17

2013-07-24 at 10-11-58

Evening Worship

Song set:

  1. Our God is greater
  2. I get down
  3. Take it all


  • God calls us to love others with the willingness to work hard and get disappointed, but never give up and keep trying
  • In scripture we can have eternal life
  • We must not only do spiritual looking things but also have God in our hearts
  • One who claims to have to light of God in their heart but also claims to hate someone is still in the darkness
  • We must ask God to soften our hearts toward others
  • God doesn’t bring people in our lives on accident

Scripture :

John 5

1 John 2:9

2013-07-24 at 09-03-04

2013-07-24 at 08-57-55

Evening Activities

This evenings evening activities included out GIANT slip and slide and free swim at the pool! Campers had loud screams throughout the whole ride and were splashed with muddy water!

2013-07-24 at 07-08-30

Campers first get sprayed with the hose before going down!

2013-07-24 at 07-09-52

Then they shoot down the slide!

2013-07-24 at 07-10-40

Afternoon Activities


This week at camp the campers are given the opportunity to take part in some awesome crafts! Today they works on creating glow in the dark string art out of nails and a wooden board. The girls seemed to be having a really good time while letting their creativity flow.

2013-07-24 at 02-36-10


2013-07-24 at 02-31-46](


More campers got the opportunity today to participate in archery and had a blast doing so!

2013-07-24 at 04-48-25

2013-07-24 at 04-46-19

2013-07-24 at 04-49-06

Morning Activities

What a great morning it turned out to be! Campers were happy all around camp today as they tried new things and experienced great time with new friends! The canoeing group had a wonderful and relaxing time this morning out on the lake!

2013-07-23 at 23-24-01

2013-07-23 at 23-29-33

Cabin Photos

This morning each cabin had their picture taken in front of their cabin. These are all on the photo gallery above, and remember that all these pictures can be purchased through the photo gallery!

2013-07-23 at 22-30-54

Morning Worship

Song set:

  1. I am set free
  2. Indescribable
  3. Everything glorious

Morning devotion questions:

  • Scripture used: Matthew 5: 13-16
  • Why would we want to be salty?
  • What good is salt anyway?
  • Why is Jesus talking about a city on a hill? What’s the deal with that?
  • If we’re supposed to ‘let our light shine’ does that mean we should boast about the good things we do?
  • What is one thing you do in your life that shows people that you love Jesus?


Breakfast: French toast sticks, Bacon, Toast/cereal bar, Juice/fruit

Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich, Chips, Green beans, Salad bar, Asst. Fruit

Dinner: Hot dogs, Baked beans, Chips, Salad bar, S’mores

Snack: Fruit snack

Daily Director Talk

2013-07-23 at 21-14-20

Scavenger Hunt

Each morning between breakfast and worship campers are sent out on a scavenger hunt! This takes them all around camp to find very random things, there is a new list each morning that they have to complete. Here’s a look at some of the things they have to find.

2013-07-23 at 21-11-34

Campers double checking that they got everything on their list!


Welcome to wonderful Wednesday! We are excited for another great day here at camp! The weather is a bit cooler this morning but that’s not going to stop any of our campers from having a blast today. You could tell that everyones spirits were high this morning during breakfast, when campers stood on their chairs to have a quick dance party!

2013-07-23 at 20-57-02


Evening Worship

This evening was a beautiful and peaceful night as God’s holy spirit was in the room with us all. Many campers experienced the true unending love of Jesus tonight and accepted him as their Lord and Savior. It is now a time of celebration as many new souls joined our mighty Kingdom of love. Thank you for your prayers and please continue with us for the rest of the week.

Song set:

  1. Every move I make
  2. Open the eyes
  3. Mighty to save
  4. We are the free
  5. Break every chain
  6. Amazing grace
  7. Inside out


  • Camp isn’t always about what we think it is. It’s not about playing all of the games, it is about understanding God’s love for us and knowing that it is all that we need.
  • No matter how dark the world seems we can be confident in the light that Jesus brings.
  • Once we comprehend that God’s love is enough, we no longer need to worry about what others think of us.
  • Working for the approval of others is not going to pay off. When you try to live a life that is based on impressing others, you will find that you will never be good enough for them.
  • God has a plan for you and your life and the biggest thing in the way of that plan is the temptation to impress others.
  • God loves us no matter what, will never abandon, give up on, or forget us, unlike the people that we try to impress


Ephesians 5:14

Jeremiah 29:11

2013-07-23 at 09-44-38

Counselor and camper pray for a fellow camper

2013-07-23 at 09-53-32

Campers comfort each other during emotional times of commitment night

2013-07-23 at 09-50-06

Evening Activities

The campers were also able to take a swim after their tiring game of capture the flag. The temperature has dropped a bit here at camp but that didn’t stop our campers from jumping off the diving boards and playing games in the pool with friends!

2013-07-23 at 07-46-49

Camper jumping off the high dive!

2013-07-23 at 07-46-14

Campers enjoying their time in the pool

Tonight the campers took part in a camp wide capture the flag! The campers ran around all over the valley working hard to get the opponents flag back to their side. It was an awesome game that all the campers enjoyed!

2013-07-23 at 07-06-05

Camper dodging a tag

Power of pray

This evening is Commitment night, one of the most powerful and moving nights here at camp. We’d like you to be in continuous pray with us throughout the night that God will shine His love over all the campers tonight and be with them as He breaks down walls and calls campers to accept Christ into their life as the Savior.

Afternoon Activities

This afternoon campers traveled to two different activities that included some cooling off in the pool and lake during blob! One of the hit activities here at camp is Archery and all the campers are having a blast blowing things up like shaving cream, watermelons, and ketchup filled rubber chickens!

2013-07-23 at 03-52-40

2013-07-23 at 03-11-13

2013-07-23 at 04-18-20

2013-07-23 at 03-04-29

Morning Activities

Today a large group of boys had a great game of paintball going on in our field! The campers dodged from bunker to bunker and faced their fears by putting themselves out there for their teammates. Campers got many take aways from paintball today and were able to see God’s role in multiple games. Check out photos from this morning’s paintball experience on the blog!

Check out how much these campers loved paintball!

Camper gives their thoughts on how God worked through them and their team at paintball today.

2013-07-22 at 23-44-38

Camper ready to fire at paintball

Morning Worship

  1. One thing remains
  2. Beautiful things
  3. Let me feel you shine 

Each morning your campers are coming to the lodge to have a short time of learning and worship. In this week’s morning services, counselors are getting a chance to share with the campers a story about themselves and some scriptures that have been laid on their hearts. After this quick service campers are dismissed and divided into their cabins to do morning devotions. These devotions are guided by the questions that are in the camp booklets. Here’s a look at what those questions look like:

  • Scripture Matthew 5: 38-46
  • What does ‘eye for an eye’ or ‘tooth for a tooth’ even mean anyway?
  • What’s Jesus talking about when He talks about being forced to go a mile?
  • Why does the Bible talk about tax collectors so much? Are tax collectors really evil?
  • Why is Jesus’ teaching so much different from the Old testament stuff?

2013-07-22 at 22-20-59

Counselor brings the Word of God to the campers this morning


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Breakfast ham, Cheesy hash browns, Toast/cereal bar, Juice/fruit

Lunch: Corn dogs, Mac and cheese, Fresh carrots and celery, Salad bar, Asst. fruit

Dinner: Baked ziti, Breadsticks, Green beans, Salad bar, Cake with icing

Snack: Chips

Daily Director Talk


Good morning family and friends! Today is a beautiful, sunny day here at CA and we are excited to get our second day of rotations started. The campers will continue to walk around camp and enjoy new and exciting activities, including archery. How fun is that?! Check back in this afternoon for pictures and videos from today’s activities.


Evening Worship


  1. Worthy of my praise
  2. Your love never fails
  3. Everything glorious
  4. Our God is greater


  • Hard to see in the dark – as soon as a little bit of light is let in it is easy to see where your going
  • Psalm 119- lamp for feet light for path
  • Think of life as a path
  • We can make Godly decisions and not Godly decisions and the bible is tool to figure out which is which
  • The word of God, the bible, is what helps you make the right decisions.
  • Decisions you make now can impact the rest of your life, so work hard to make the Godly decision
  • There is endless amounts of people that love and care for all of us here at camp
  • Counselors, staff, and campers stood up to show they care about someone in this room
  • The light changes things and the light of God changes things.
  • Tonight make decision to choose if you want to live in the light in this room.
  • When we live in the light we are supported by other believers- The Bible
  • The bible is a great gift
  • What role does the bible play in your life?
  • Is it your filter for decisions or do you rely on your own judgement?
  • When your sad, mad, or upset with parents is your first response to dive into scripture to figure out how to deal with it?
  • Rely on the wisdom of God instead of the wisdom of yourself
  • You can pray about it and ask God to speak to you, but the Bible is His word and should be used to help make the decisions


1 John 1:7

Theme this week GLOW

2013-07-22 at 08-54-09  2013-07-22 at 09-02-06

2013-07-22 at 08-56-46

2013-07-22 at 09-45-06

Campers worship with loud voices and hands tonight

2013-07-22 at 09-45-42

2013-07-22 at 09-11-47

Evening Activities

each night before worship students get to head down to the valley and play large group games! Tonight the campers had relays with a giant blue ball, and also got a little bit muddy running through puddles!

2013-07-22 at 06-56-33

2013-07-22 at 06-59-32

Giant ball fun!

Afternoon Activities

Our afternoon activities here at CA went perfect. Everyone stayed safe, hydrated, and having fun. The rock wall and high ropes groups were able to overcome fears and conclude their time up in the tree with a zip line!

2013-07-22 at 02-38-43

2013-07-22 at 04-16-59

2013-07-22 at 02-49-21

2013-07-22 at 03-59-17

Campers making their way through the high ropes course and rock wall

Morning Activities

This morning the campers went to their first activity rotations! Throughout the week campers will go to many activities that CA provides for them, here’s an idea of everything they will be doing: High ropes, Low ropes, Blob, Canoeing, Swimming Pool, Rock wall. Today a few of our campers learned the importance of teamwork and working together through frustrations.

2013-07-21 at 23-04-18

Camper scoots across first low ropes course

2013-07-21 at 23-51-53

Teamwork is the only solution to complete this course

2013-07-22 at 00-10-13

Great work to complete the last course in low ropes

Check out these girls talking about their low ropes experience! (The bugs loved them deep in the wood!)

Morning Worship

Song set:

  1. I am set free
  2. Inside out
  3. Mighty to save


Breakfast: Pancakes, Sausage links, Toast/cereal bar, Fruit/juice

Lunch: Meat ball subs, Broccoli and cheese, Fries, Pears, Salad bar

Dinner: Fried chicken, Mashed potatoes, Green beans, Rolls, Salad bar, Brownie

Snack: Preztels

Daily Director Talk

Each day a video will be uploaded to help you understand what your campers will be learning through worship from our directors here at camp this week. Be sure to check in every morning and be praying for your campers spiritual growth.


It’s our first day at camp and we are all so excited to give your campers a wonderful day! It’s a bit raining here on camp but that never stop us from having an awesome time at camp! Be sure to check in throughout the day for pictures and videos to see what your campers are up to.


Evening Worship

Song set:

  1.  Open the Eyes
  2. We are the Free
  3. Indescribable
  4. Let me feel you Shine


  • Our theme this week is GLOW, seeing the light of God
  • Imagine seeing jesus for the first time, it would knock you down because he’d be so beautiful
  • Light=Truth, righteousness, love, and purity
  • Light, being the good things in the bible, can not be compatible to darkness, or the bad things in the bible
  • When you want to do things you want to do them your way, that is considered darkness or bad
  • We make decisions that are bad and we do not realize it until later (being selfish)
  • We have all treated someone in some way that God has not wanted us to


Genesis 1:1-4

Evening Games

Campers experienced their first Valley games this evening with the help of our staff, counselors, and directors! Check out all the fun things they did like building pyramids and exploding diet cokes!

2013-07-21 at 07-18-53

Campers play ring-around-the-rosie with staff member

2013-07-21 at 07-11-38

Cabins works on team building

2013-07-21 at 07-39-04

Campers experiment with diet coke and Mentos


It’s smiles here at camp today, as camper check in, meet their fellow cabin mates, get unpacked and have a fun filled evening to start the BEST week of their life all right! Through out the week there will be post on this blog multiple times a day. We will also be uploading photos to the photo gallery above a few times a day so be sure to check this out!

2013-07-21 at 04-44-44

2013-07-21 at 04-22-45

Campers meet their counselors for the first time!


Today’s the day! It’s a great day for your campers to make their way to camp and embark on a wonderful journey with us here at CA!