Camp Adventure - Middle School - July 20-25 (2014)

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Event Photo Gallery

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Closing Celebration Video


10000 Reasons- Matt Redman
Oceans- Hillsong United
God’s Great Dance Floor- Chris Tomlin

God is the idea that has the power to save the entire world.
How do we share and not be ashamed?
There are so many simple opportunities to share Jesus, don’t miss them
We are the light, we have the light, we bear the light, don’t hide it share it.
We who have relationship are meant to help others find that same relationship with God.
God didn’t give you anything that he didn’t want You to use for him
You have your faith so that you can share it

1. Make sure that you are always filled up with Jesus.
You can’t share it if you don’t have it, ask for an overflow of his love so that you have more than enough.

2. Pray for your friends constantly.

3. Talk about what God is doing in your life.

Your story is the best one your friends can hear, it’s real and relevant.
Be bold: you’re not afraid to talk about God.
Don’t let rejection shut you down, you can’t be afraid of what might happen.
Story of Elijah, His true God verses Baal the false God. they put a cow on the alter and the 450 people called to Baal to burn it and he doesn’t show up. When Elijah is up he soaks it with water first and God shows up and burns the cow.
When Elijah was bold, God moved.

Pool Olympics!

Check out some sweet synchronized swimming during Pool Olympics tonight!


Taco Thursday!

Tonight for dinner, your campers had tacos with ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, nacho cheese, tortilla chips, and churros! Now, they’re ready to head to the pool for Pool Olympics!

Adventurous Afternoon

This afternoon was quite an adventure for all of your campers! They got to do all of our awesome features, including the rock wall and high ropes course!


Lunch Time!

Today your campers enjoyed sub sandwiches with all the fixins! Ham, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and condiments were among their choices! They also had chips, macaroni salad, watermelon, and salad! Now, they’re headed back to their cabins for horizontal hour before their exciting afternoon activities!!

Great Shot!

IMG_1204 IMG_1227

Daily Director

Breakfast Menu:

This morning for breakfast, your campers enjoyed french toast sticks, bacon, cereal, yogurt, fruit, and cereal.

Good Morning, Camp Adventure!

Good Morning! Today is already shaping up to be a great day here at Camp Adventure! The sun is shining, and there are smiles upon the camper’s faces. They’re ready to begin another day here at camp! Check in throughout today to see all of their great adventures!


Evening Worship

I Am Free- New Life Worship
Relentless- Hillsong United
I Am Set Free- All Sons&Daughters

Aaron talks about growing in our faith. He uses plants as an example of us growing.
He talks about “watering” our faith at Camp Adventure, and how the more things you do to grow your faith, it grows better.

How many of you take time building your relationship with God?
How would your life be different if you took as much time with God as you do on your appearance?

plugs phone into squash
In order to charge your faith, you have to connect with God.

*Colossians 2:18

He asks:

How is it working out, if you are chasing other things beside God?

We need something to trigger our memories to pray, whether it’s while waiting for something to load, during commercials, or setting an alarm.

In order to grow, we must spend time in prayer and be with God.

Spend time reflecting on Gods goodness and faithfulness.

Question: what are you going to do when you get home to grow your faith?

Slip n’ Slide!

As promised, your campers slipped and slid their way down the valley on Camp Adventure’s famous slip n’ slide! It was all smiles and laughter, and of course, many funny faces once the suds splashed up. Check out all of tonight’s photos HERE!


Delicious Dinner Dishes:

This evening for dinner, your campers enjoyed hot dogs, baked beans, macaroni salad, chips, and s’mores! Now, they’re getting ready to slip n’ slide in the valley!! Check back later to see some of the soapy, sudsy action!

Zipping Down The Zipline!

This afternoon, many campers conquered their fears at the rock wall! Watching their beaming faces as they came down the zipline couldn’t be beat!


Minute To Win It!

Daily Director

Lunch Menu:

Today for lunch, your campers enjoyed grilled chicken sandwiches, mixed veggies, potato chips, salad, and strawberries and bananas!




This morning was a bit chilly, but your campers still enjoyed traversing the lake in their canoes!

IMG_0024 IMG_0020 IMG_9966

Katniss Everdeen?

Today, there were some campers that totally blew it away at archery! They were even better marksmen than the popular Katniss Everdeen, and they did a great job at encouraging one another, too! Check out some shots of their awesome shots right HERE!


Good Morning, Camp Adventure!!

The third full day here at Camp Adventure has officially begun! Your campers are chowing down on biscuits and gravy, hash browns, fruit, cereal, and yogurt while listening to songs from their favorite Disney movies. Though there were some little storms last night, it looks like they’ve cleared up, and today should be another beautiful day!


Evening Worship

Our God- Chris Tomlin
We Are The Free- Matt Redman
Your Love Never Fails- Newsboys
Oceans- Hillsong United
Every Act of Love- Jason Gray
Everything Glorious- David Crowder Band

What does it mean to follow Jesus? How do we put our faith in Him?
Eph. 2:10—- we are God’s handy-work
    God has a plan for our lives. 
We have to choose to be a DISCIPLE of Christ… follow Jesus wherever He goes
God has a different plan for our lives, so we must turn around and achieve what God has in store for us
The path that God lays out for us is bigger and better for our lives.  Sometimes God asks us to do something we don’t want, to change our dreams, but God knows what is truly best.
Step 1: Fuel up on God’s plan…..sound easy? Well, we tend to fuel up on our own dreams and wants but not God’s. We are suppose to fill ourselves with other stuff in our lives, but it doesn’t work to solve all our problems! Fill up on the right thing, God.
Step 2: Chase after God’s path. The disciples literally put their own lives behind to follow Christ. We are here to accomplish God’s goals, not our own. Sometimes God puts in a place that is beyond our imaginations. We may be shy at times to achieve a certain task. When God gets involved, our only way to find out what He wants is to come out of our shell and be faithful in His plan. 

Challenge: come and follow Him (God) because He knows the plans in your life

Capture the Counselor

For tonight’s evening activity, your campers went on a counselor hunt! With all of their cabin mates, they raced around camp trying to find the counselors, who were hiding all around camp. Once they found a counselor, your campers had encircle them, and then hold hands to ensure the counselor they caught didn’t escape!



This evening for dinner, your campers enjoyed lasagna, garlic bread, corn, salad, and ice cream sandwiches!!

Rocking the Rock Wall!

This afternoon, a group of your campers ROCKED climbing up our rock wall! They sped right up the wall, only to zip right down the zipline! It was all smiles and laughter, even though it was pretty hot in the sun on top of the rock wall. Click HERE to check out all of the photos from this week!


Tenderloin Tuesday!

For lunch today, our lovely kitchen ladies served us tenderloin sandwiches, french fries, broccoli with cheese, salad, and pears. All of the campers are now nourished and ready for the second half of their second full day here at Camp Adventure!

A Morning on the Lake

This morning, a few groups of campers got to enjoy some time basking in the sunshine and canoeing on the lake! They played fun games like tag and red light, green light. They also got to watch a group at the blob!

IMG_9733 IMG_9744 IMG_9763

Hillside Worship

Daily Director

Good Morning, Camp Adventure!!

Your campers are nourished and ready to take on day two here at camp! Today for breakfast, they had eggs, ham, and cheesy potatoes, as well as cereal, bagels, yogurt, and fruit! Stay posted throughout the day to see the adventures they’re going on!


Commitment Night


Take It All- Hillsong United

Let Me Feel You Shine- David Crowder Band

10,000 Reasons- Matt Redman

Break every chain- Will Reagan

God’s Great Dance Floor- Chris Tomliln

Do you ever do anything dumb? You know it’s dumb, but you do it anyway?
Do you ever eat more food even though you are already full?

We all have things in our life that we say we aren’t going to do anymore, but we do anyway.
It’s not only the dumb things we do, but the sin in our lives.we are addicted to screwing up. We have this list of things that we do want to do and a list of things we don’t want to do. We always reverse the two.

Some people think that God has this journal full of everything you have ever done wrong and that he is just going to fill you for it. If you think that, I’m so happy to tell you that you are wrong. God is a forgiving God and he forgives all of your screw ups if you ask him.

Imagine if there was no forgiveness. No one would like you. Imagine if God kept a record of all of our wrongs. We would be done for. The remarkable thing about God is that he Loves you despite your wrongs and screw ups. He knows everything you have ever done. Isn’t that frightening? But he Loves you anyway. He Loves us so much, Jesus took our punishment. All of creation points to one thing….God Loves us. God wants us to decide that we Love him too. We do life the way we want to and our own way for too long. You can try to live your life your own life and you will never be satisfied. Your way is broken and you will never be happy. Stop running after everything else that you think will make you happy and God is saying “run to me instead”.  There are a couple decisions you can make tonight. You can decide to follow Jesus, you can recommit your life to Jesus, or you can choose to make neither of the first two choices tonight. God knows everything, everything you have ever done and he Loves you so much anyway. What choice will you make tonight?

Chance to make a commitment to Christ


Color Run-Capture the Flag

This evening in the valley, your campers took part a HUGE game of capture the flag! But, there was a twist! Before anyone could get to the opposing team’s side to retrieve the flag, they were bombarded by chalk paint! Every camper was at least a little colorful by the time the event was over, and in the end, it really seemed more like a contest to see who could get the most colorful!


Dinner Dishes:

This evening for dinner, your campers had chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, salad, and brownies. Now, they’re ready to head out and play some super fun games in the valley!!



Arts and Crafts!

One of this week’s rotations is to the arts and crafts shack! Your campers get to do some fun, artsy things with their hands, and they get to bring it all home!

IMG_9341 IMG_9344 IMG_9346

Low Ropes and Team-Building

This afternoon, some of your campers Used a lot of teamwork to overcome some of our low ropes elements here at Camp Adventure. It was a great experience for them, and it allowed them to build stronger relationships with the other members of their cabin!


Daily Director


Today for lunch, your campers feasted on corn dogs, macaroni and cheese, peaches, and salad before heading back to their cabins for horizontal hour. Now, they’ll have an hour to rest before they go out for their second and third rotations of the day!


This morning, some of your campers got the opportunity to fly into the sky at our blob! After launching someone else off the end of the blob, they crawled out to the end to be launched themselves! This morning’s group was fearless! They all wanted to go time after time! Click HERE to see some of this morning’s photos!

IMG_9198 IMG_9065IMG_9254

Good Morning, Camp Adventure!

This morning, your campers are awake and very anxious to begin their first full day here at Camp Adventure! They started off their morning with pancakes, sausage links, fruit, bagels, and cereal. Now, they’re cleaning up their cabins before they head out for a day of adventure!


Sunday Evening Worship

We are the Free- Matt Redman
Your Love Never Fails- Newsboys
God’s Great Dance Floor- Chris Tomlin

-Sometimes we find moments where we get lost in the presence of God. 
-Our worship is between us and God, so we don’t have to be embarrassed about what other people think about the way we worship.
-King David from the Old Testament was super unashamed about his worship.
-David was excited because the ark of the covenant was returning to Israel and he gets so excited about what God is doing that he starts dancing.
-when we get really excited, the happiness just pours out of us. We don’t care about what other people think.
-The point: your relationship with God is YOURS. The way you respond to God should have nothing to do with anyone around you.
-You know how to get excited about good things that happen to you. God is the giver of ALL good things so we should be excited!!


Welcome to Camp!!

Today, we are so excited to have your campers here!! They have gotten all moved in, and are now enjoying a dinner of hamburgers, corn, salad, french fries, and dirt pudding! They are all very excited to participate in tonight’s game, called Granny’s Candy Shop. They can’t wait to continue getting to know one another! Throughout the week, we invite you to keep them in your prayers as they will be trying new things, and possibly overcoming fears. We can’t wait to see what this week has in store for your kiddos!