Camp Adventure - Middle School - July 17-July 22 (2016)

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End of Week Video

All Camp Swim

Horizontal Hour

This is the time of day where the campers get to rest their eyes before continuing on to the exciting activities that are planned out for them.

The Blob

To make up for the missed rotation yesterday, everyone is back at their third rotation before lunch.

Morning Worship

Theme: I Am A Witness

Spiritual Highlights:
The campers learned the three steps to being a witness at worship-
1)Care: We need to care enough for others to want to witness to them.
2)Dare: We need to be daring and courageous to go and witness to them.
3)Share: We need to tell others out witness about what God did for me.

Response: In morning devotions the campers will discuss the three steps and identify ways to overcome the fear or struggle that is addicted with each step so the campers can feel equipped and able to do all three steps of a witness when they return home.

Daily Director Greeting

Late Night Worship


  1. We Are The Free
  2. Unstoppable God
  3. Lord, I Need You
  4. Sinking Deep



  1. Jesus first
  2. Other people next
  3. Yourself last.

An old Irish story-
The king had his servants post signs that he was looking for a new boy of 16 years of age to be the new king. In order to be considered the boy needed to love Jesus and others. There was a poor boy who wanted to apply to be the new king and so he used what little money he had to buy a nice outfit, but on his way to his interview there was a bagger who had nothing. The poor boy gave up his cloths to the man who had nothing. He felt so much joy from giving, but as he continued his journey he questioned his worth, but as he entered the castle of the king he noticed that the king was the poor man on the side of the road. The boy was dumb founded that the king pretended to be poor when he had so much. The king explained that he tested the boy to see if he would truly sacrifice his own possessions for others to benefit from what little he had. The king was so impressed that the poor boy was asked to be the new king and his family got to live with him in the castle.


Mathew 25: 34-40

Prioritize yourself last and others first. Humility is key so that God can be glorified.

Colossians 3: 23

Sometimes there is a cost to serve God by serving others. To truly serve you must loose something for others to gain something. God asks us to sacrifice our time, money, talents and gifts.

There was a basketball player who had a dream of playing college basketball but was diagnosed with brain cancer. In the championship game she scored the game winning shot, but the true star was the opposing team who gave up the home court advantage, and moved the date so that she could play. They sacrificed for her.

Served one another communion.

Response Music:

  1. Jesus Paid It All
  2. This Is Amazing Grace
  3. Oceans

Messy Games

Low Ropes

The Blob


Morning Worship

Theme: I Am A Leader

Spiritual Highlights:

  1. At worship, the campers learned that they are to live like Jesus lived. They also discovered Jesus as a leader. A leader they are called rot live like in their lives.

Video: A powerful video of a junior high boy showing extraordinary kindness and generosity. The video had a tremendous impact and helped the campers understand that they too can be leaders.

Verse: 1 Timothy 4:12 "Don't let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you saw, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity."

Response: In morning devotions, the campers will have a chance to look at qualities they see in themselves. Then one-at-a-time the campers will stand up, and everyone will share which leadership qualities they see in that camper. The camper will then share which ones they selected for themselves. This activity will be a great chance for the campers to learn more about themselves as a leader. It will be an affirming experience for the campers to have their fellow campers share leadership qualities that they see in themselves.

Morning Beautiful

Every morning the campers go back to their cabins, after breakfast, to clean up. Later in the afternoon the winner of the best looking cabin is decided by the directors and interns.

Night Swim

Today was a day to cool down the campers because after three rotations of swim time the campers are finally ready for bed. The late night swim is a rare occasion and the campers highly enjoyed the experience to try something different.

Late Night Worship


1: Relentless
2: Lifeline
3: This is Amazing Grace
4. How Deep the Fathers Love for Us

Video 1:

Sin and how God forgives us of our sins and that we are all saved. No one is ever lost when they have The Lord.

Story 1:
Robert Scott Ronald Amundsen two men who with their teams were going to travel to the South Pole to be the first people there.
Robert Scott strategy on good days his team traveled on bad days they wouldn't
Ronald Amundsen strategy 20 miles every day
Amundsens team got there first and Scott got there 34 days later. All members of Scott's team and himself died. Amundsens team got back first

Story 2:
Daniel and the Lions Den

Daniel serves the king well. He has visions and interprets them for the king. Daniel prays daily three times every day. Advisors tell king to make a decree that all people can bow down and pray only to him. The king agrees and makes the decree, the advisors catches Daniel praying openly in his room dispite the decree and the advisors catch him. So Daniel is thrown into the lions pit but he survives because he was consistent in his faith with God

How do you celebrate true victories PC explains
1: Be consistent for God
2: Focus is discipleship
-Disciples: believers who actively grow closer to God
-Discipline: you must live a discipline life to be a disciple
3)Without discipline there is no disciple

2 ways to become a discipline disciple

  1. set a goal
  2. Set the pace

Philippians 3:14 "press on to achieve the goal"
-There are so many spiritual disciplines to choose from just pick one

Video 2:
Girl begs her parents to get a baby horse that she can race
The horse was born and she instantly had faith that he could win
She had faith in him but no one else did
They trained the horse and against all odds the horse won four races and them qualified for the state championship and he won
The girl had faith in him but No one else did.
She pressed on towards her goal and won the prize

Campers write down the goal and nail it to the cross to give it to Jesus then they go and pray with staff members around the room

All Camp Swim

Slip N' Slide


The Blob


The Wall

High Ropes Course

Morning Worship

Theme: I Am Who I Am

Spiritual Highlight: The campers heard about who God truly is. This had a lot of meaning since many of them the night before made powerful spiritual commitments to God.

Response: In morning devotions the campers will participate in an activity that will help them understand even more about the characteristics of God. The campers will be able to understand more about who God is based on who Jesus Christ is in their morning devotions.

Daily Director Greeting

Late Night Worship


  1. We are the Free
  2. Unstoppable God
  3. Oceans
  4. Lifeline


-Showed a Video about salvation.

Walter Wyatt's story about escaping the sharks with the help of a helicopter rescue. He could not do it alone. He was hanging on for dear life. Similar to how we cannot do it alone. We need God to save us!

The white boards that the children wrote there sins on last night were erased and wiped clean to show that with Jesus He wipes us clean of our sin. If we let God He will wipe us clean and write saved, found, and redeemed. When we choose to except Christ He is with us forever!

-Another video about a woman who comes to Christ, but is caught up in sin. When she finally breaks free God is there to rescue her.

John 11: 43-44 when Lazarus is brought back to life after Jesus invites him to follow Him.
Matthew 1: 19 when Jesus invites the disciples to drop everything to follow God.

Matthew 14:27-29 The third invitation is when Jesus invites Peter to walk on water.
-Watched a video about Peter trying to walk on the water with Jesus. Peter falls short, but Jesus was right there to pick him up.

The final invitation is in Revelation 22:17. God tells us that when we take of the Water of Life we will thirst no more. When we come to live in a deep and personal relationship with God we will not look for things of the World because God will always sustain us. God is all we need.

John 6:35 wraps it all together. Saying yes to God is saying yes to eternal life. With God your life is never the same!

Response: Alter call for the children to pray with their counselors to commit their life to Christ.

Alter song-
5) How He Loves
6) No Longer Slaves
7) Alive
8) In the River

Water Balloon Fight

The Blob




Morning Worship

Theme: I Am Found

Spiritual Highlights:

  1. The campers learned how passionate Jesus Christ is about those who are lost to become found at worship
  2. They also learned that in order to become found they must believe in jesus christ and receive the gift of grace and salvation.
  3. During worship, the keynote speaker invited a counselor to give his testimony about how they went from being lost to becoming found and what decisions they made and what the amazing outcome was in their life.

During morning devotions, the campers will dive into the story of the Prodigal Son who becomes lost and then returns to his father to become found and once again is treasured deeply.

Daily Director Greeting

Evening Worship

Challenge from band to take heart to the words they are singing and really think about what they mean to them and their circumstances


John 4:21-24;
1 John 1:9;
Acts 3:19;
Jeremiah 25:5


  1. We Are The Free
  2. Relentless
  3. This is Amazing Grace
  4. No Longer Slaves
  5. Break Every Chain


Video about sin being like trash we carry around and Jesus is willing to take it from us if we let him no matter what it is. He has forgiven us now we need to forgive ourselves

PC story: in 3rd grade PC and friends would run to a special swing set and claim it at recess. One day there was a sign that said "BROKEN. DON'T USE" they decided to use it anyway. When his friend got up high it became clear the base had come apart from the foundation and she fell down and hit the back of her head, knocking her unconscious. PC felt like it was his fault and wished it had been not her. When PC went to visit Jenny in the hospital she was sitting up smiling but his emotions were mixed. He was happy that she was okay but he was mad he didn't listen to the sign and he sinned which caused pain to a close friend.

Time to turn away from sin and turn to God

Slavery is one of the worst things to have happened, it's even in the Bible.

Slavery is the subjection or captivity to someone or something

We can become slaves to fear and it can become a power over us that can only be removed with God. It takes willingness to go to God with our sins and ask him for help to get rid of them. We can't do it alone, but God can set us free.

Having sin in our life is like watching a semi truck coming right at us, but not moving and just letting it hit us. With God in our lives he will push it aside and protect us.

Video about baggage
sometimes we carry burdens that we picked up a long time ago, or from friends, or from well-meaning parents. And then there's the baggage of our own sin! Feel heavy yet? Do you really want to keep carrying all that around? You weren't made to "manage" your sin. Jesus says 'come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.' when we ask God to take all of our nasty heavy sin and baggage....... He does.

Campers were invited to write a sin they struggle with on a white board in the dark back of the room and the turn away from it and walk to the light in the front of the room and worship God while singing No Longer Slaves with the words changes to "I am no longer a slave to sin"

Slip N' Slide

Pool Time

Swim Tests

In order to ensure that all of the campers are safe in the CA pool, we conduct a swim test for all of the campers to show us how well their swimming abilities are.

Red Wrist Band:Allowed to swim in the shallow end only in places where they can touch.

Yellow Wrist Band: Allowed to swim in the sallow end all the way to the buoy line.

Green Wrist Band: Allowed to swim in the deep end and go off of the high/low dive.



Communication and teamwork is tested out on the Mohawk Walk



This is Jake, it is his first time staying at an overnight camp and he exclaims that he is so excited for camp this year. He loved high ropes and can't wait to continue on to new activities every day.

The Blob

Sister blobbing sister

Morning Worship

Theme: I Am A Sinner

Spiritual Highlight:

The campers learned about what sin is, how we're tempted to cover up our sin, and how we can choose to own our sin in order to one day walk away from it in repentance at worship.

The campers in their cabin groups was to create a list of steps to prevent and limit sin in their lives in morning devotions.

Daily Director Greeting

Fire Circle

After worship, the campers and counselors gather around the campfire to hear the testimonies of their counselors.

Late Night Worship

Worship songs:

  1. Alive
  2. In the river
  3. You make me brave

Video of a child coloring
-the canvas of our life
-Jesus takes our scribbles and turns it into a masterpiece

Video Analogy about "bugs life" where the grasshoppers bully the ants then the ants realize hey don't have to listen to the grasshoppers


  1. Genesis 1:27
  2. Ephesians 2:10
  3. 1 Samuel

Video about Dennis the guy with "handicaps":
-how Stacy would help Dennis
-how she teaches Dennis that he is one of God's original masterpieces
-we all have our own "handicaps" but God will help us

Let's start looking at ourselves the way God looks at us.
Let's start looking at ourselves with truth, promise, and potential.
Fin our future and live our lives in his kingdom like we are meant to.

Campers had the opportunity to write words on a mirror of how God sees us and look at themselves in the mirror and see the words that God sees on their reflection.

Response songs:

  1. beautiful things
  2. Set a fire
  3. Relentless

Valley Games

The campers start off with fun games to get to know each other.

Campers Arrive!

Hey parents! We're so excited to witness to your children this week. They are going to make memories and create friendships while they are away here at CA. Everyday they do something a little different, so keep up with the daily blogs to know what your children will be learning about each day. See you soon! God bless.