July 14-19 - Middle School Camp (2013)

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Afternoon Activities

Campers went to their very last activities today and had a blast! We are excited to end our week on such a good note and all our campers are excited to see you tonight for the ceremony at 6:30.

2013-07-18 at 23-15-39

Camper works their way across the high ropes course

2013-07-18 at 23-54-41

And concludes with an exciting zip line!

Morning Activities

So many campers are on fire for God after this amazing week we’ve had here at camp! Check out the testimonies below and see how God is moving in our campers lives!

Morning Devotions

Psalm 91

Ephesians 5:1

The person who wrote this Psalm felt secure in God’s care. Pick out and underline a few verses that show trust and confidence in God. Using this Psalm as an example, try to write a few of your own verses below showing how you might speak of the trust and confidence you want to have in God.

Friday take away thoughts (we’d encourage you to take these questions with you to discuss on the car ride home with your camper!)

  • What did you do this week that was fun?
  • Describe something new you learned this week
  • What three things can you do going forward to continue learning about God and growing closer to Him?
  • What three things do you think might be something God has planned for you?


Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich, Crispy cubs, Toast/cereal bar, Fruit/juice

Lunch: Chicken wraps, Potato smiles, Corn, Salad bar, Asst. fruit

Dinner: Pizza, Breadsticks, Cookies

Daily Director Video


Good morning parents and family! It’s a hot one today at camp, but we are keeping your campers hydrated and cool and excited for their last day here at camp. Today is when campers will make their last rounds to all the activities they have yet to go to. We are excited to wrap this week off with a great ceremony at 6:30, please arrive to camp around 6:00-6:15 in order to park and make your way up to the lodge. Continued prayers for all those traveling to and from camp today.


Evening Worship

2013-07-18 at 10-15-13

Campers were moved by an amazing service tonight and concluded by filling out commitment cards

2013-07-18 at 10-00-54

Hands were raised this evening during a powerful worship

Song set:

  1. Proof of Your Love
  2. City on Our Knees


  • God loves you and wants you to know that nothing will separate you from his love
  • Jesus wants us to work and get better at life because his blessing will follow us when we work for a better life
  • Get to know God better by reading your bible, you can’t know him unless you read the bible
  • Let God’s word speak to you
  • People in a group are normally stronger then an individual so make disciples with friendships
  • You have to have a good balance of doing things for yourself and for God


Romans 8: 35-39

Matthew 5: 6-7

Campers are brought to their knees during worship tonight

Evening Activities

Campers had a pretty fantastic time on the slip and slide tonight! Check out their great expressions from the pictures below as well as the one uploaded to the SmugMug gallery!

2013-07-18 at 07-05-00

Ready to be launched down the slip and slide!

2013-07-18 at 06-56-17

Great first time reaction!

2013-07-18 at 07-40-52

Giant mud puddle at the end!


Camper talks about their experience after getting off the zip line!

What a wonderful day a camp we have had! Campers have been enjoying some of their final activities here at camp. At each activity your campers are growing and overcoming fears with the help of our staff, counselors, and their fellow campers, so be proud!

2013-07-15 at 04-20-03

Camper flies highs in the air, and is all smiles when she lands!

2013-07-15 at 04-16-25

3, 2, 1 BLOBBB!

Morning Devotions

Psalm 17

James 1 : 16-25

Fo you feel like you’re growing closer to God? Are you doing what it takes to get closer? Read psalms 17 verse 15 again; is your plan the same? Could it be? Would you like some help with this?


Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy, Hash coins, Toast/cereal bar, Juice/fruit

Lunch: Turkey and ham subs, Chips, Fresh celery and carrots, Asst. fruit, Salad bar

Dinner: Taco and burrito bar, Corn, Salad bar, Churros

Snack: Rice Krispie Treats

Daily Director Talk


Good morning! We are excited for our last full day here at camp! Kids will have an exciting time at slip and slide and get to have a bonfire with everyone late tonight!


Late Night Worship

2013-07-17 at 10-57-24

2013-07-17 at 11-06-04

2013-07-17 at 11-07-48

2013-07-17 at 10-55-44

Campers light candles to conclude their late night worship

Evening Worship


  1. Paradise
  2. Hello Hurricane
  3. Jesus Freak
  4. Give Me Your Eyes
  5. City on Our Knees
  6. God’s Not Dead


  • Do not let the sun go down while you’re still angry
  • Do not sin in your anger
  • Jesus offers us eternal life
  • He knows we are each sinners and different from one another but Jesus still loves us all the same

Evening Activities


This evening was messy games! The game that accomplished this was ZOMBIES! The campers ran around camp getting chased by zombie counselors. Once they were tagged they had to go get zombified with chocolate and strawberry syrup! Please don’t worry all the pictures uploaded tonight are of your campers covered in SYRUP, they are not injured we promise!

2013-07-17 at 07-16-59

Camper getting zombified

2013-07-17 at 07-12-07

Zombie walk!

2013-07-17 at 07-31-01

Attack of the syrup covered campers!

Afternoon Activities

We had so many awesome campers overcome their fear of the zip line today and get to fly through the air on this hot day!

2013-07-17 at 04-25-09

2013-07-17 at 04-16-49 (1)

Rock climbing group had a great time today!

2013-07-17 at 04-04-37

Camper excited to go off the zip line

Morning Activities

Campers had a great time jumping in the lake today during canoeing to cool off!

2013-07-16 at 23-25-58

Campers swimming in the lake during canoeing

2013-07-16 at 23-21-32

Camper has a happy time canoeing

Morning Worship

Psalm 51

When we share our testimony, we are sharing our own faith story; the story of our struggles, understandings, forgiveness, and salvation with our friends. By doing so, we are helping others grow closer to God.


Breakfast: French toast sticks, Bacon, Toast/cereal bar, Fruit/juice

Lunch: Chicken breast sandwich, Chips, Green Beans, Salad bar, Asst. Fruit

Dinner: Hot dog, Chips, Baked beans, Salad bar, S’mores

Snack: Fruit snack

Daily Director Talk


Happy Wednesday! We are getting geared up this morning for another wonderful day here at camp! The campers are currently participating in Camp Beautiful, something they do every morning! In Camp Beautiful, campers clean up their cabins and bathrooms! There are still so many exciting things to happen here at camp like commitment night, slip and slide, messy games, camp fire, etc. Continue your prayers for all our activities to go smoothly and for each camper to enjoy the rest of their week here!


Evening Worship


  • What is something in your life that is keeping you from God? 
  • Think of a sin in your life that is holding you back from God
  • You can make your own way. God’s way isn’t easy; it’s tough, but we have to decide to make it


Ephesians 1: 7

Matthew 25 

2013-07-16 at 09-37-49

Campers were given a piece of paper to write the sin holding them back from Christ on. Once they did this, they put the paper in a bucket of water to let go of, and let God in.

2013-07-16 at 09-35-30

Evening Activities

This evening activities included dodgeball and a night swim! The campers are having a great time and getting to know new friends, we ask that you continue your prayers for all our campers as they make new friends!

2013-07-16 at 10-19-44

2013-07-16 at 10-32-48

Campers and counselors had a GREAT time during night swim!

2013-07-16 at 06-57-47

2013-07-16 at 07-03-23

Campers get intense during the game of dodgeball

Afternoon Activities

Paintball was a hot and fun activity today! All campers were able to cool down with a dip in the pool at some point today and will later get the opportunity during our night swim!  Our week is off to a great start and campers are enjoying their time here and are getting closer to God every day!

2013-07-16 at 03-39-25

Paintball group after their last game!

Check out these campers in mid-flip!

2013-07-16 at 04-42-48  2013-07-16 at 04-40-56

2013-07-16 at 04-35-57   2013-07-16 at 04-36-18

Morning Activities

Here at camp we try to give the students as many opportunities not only get to know the people in their cabin but others around the camp. A way to do this is through the *home in the woods *group; this is where we cabins are split in two and paired up with a group from the opposing gender. These home in the woods groups are given one rotation a day where they do group devotions. Here are some of the questions that they discussed today:

  • How does it make you feel to know that god has a plan for you? Does knowing this motivate you in any way?
  • How are you made abundantly free?
  • Why did God take such delight in planning this out for us?
  • What does being “in Christ: mean to you?
  • Why do you have to be “in Christ” to experience the abundant freedom God wants us to have, and to pursue everything God has planned for us?
  • How do you think the Holy Spirit might be involved in all of this?

Each camper was given a booklet where these questions are listed, so be sure to have good discussions with them when they get home about these questions!

2013-07-15 at 23-42-29

2013-07-15 at 23-14-50

Campers discuss the questions given during devotions

Morning Worship

Psalm 40

God loves you. He wants to help you resist sin and recover from the poor choices you sometimes make. When you recognize and confess your sin, you commit to do better going forward, God will heal you and make you stronger.

Cabin Photos

Today we were able to walk around to each cabin and take a group photo in front of the cabins! Be sure to check these out in the photo gallery above. Remember that all the photos in the photo gallery are available for purchase!

2013-07-15 at 21-14-08

Fig’s cabin photo!


Breakfast: Eggs, Ham, Cheesy Potatoes, Toast/Cereal bar, Juice/fruit

Lunch: Corn dogs, Mac and Cheese, Carrots and Celery, Salad bar, Asst. Fruit

Dinner: Baked ziti, Breadsticks, Green beans, Salad bar, Brownie

Snack: Chips

Daily Director Talk


It looking to be a hot one here at CA today! But no need to worry about your camper, they are instructed to drink 4 tornado cups of water before and after each activity and frequently when around camp. The kids will continue going to new activities and will enjoy and refreshing dip in the pool during at least one rotation today!


Evening Worship

Song set:

  1. Be My Escape
  2. The Struggle
  3. Proof of Your Love


  • God’s plan involves each and every one of us
  • When we discover what we are good at, it ignites our passion
  • There’s a big difference between things we do in life and things that God wants us to do with our lives
  • If we are loving God then everything else comes naturally
  • We are called to feed the hungry, quench the thirst of the thirsty, visit the imprisoned, and help the poor as if they were Jesus himself

Scripture used in service:

Matthew 22: 37-40

Matthew 25: 35-40

2013-07-15 at 08-43-06

Worship team leads campers in another night of worship

Evening Activities

Tonight’s valley game was marshmallow tank fighting. The kids carried one camper across the field and worked together to shoot their marshmallows at other tanks to take them down. The kids had a blast at this game and enjoyed the occasional mini marshmallow as well.

2013-07-15 at 07-28-14

2013-07-15 at 07-37-51

Campers use homemade marshmallow guns to shoot down other groups!

Afternoon Activities

2013-07-15 at 02-43-18

Campers take the challenge at the high ropes course

2013-07-15 at 03-08-06

Campers finish the rock wall and high ropes experience with the zip line

2013-07-15 at 04-12-46

Blob group soars high into the air

Check out this blobber’s experience

Morning Activities

This morning campers got their first taste of what activities would be like today! The group at high ropes had an awesome time getting through the course together. There was frustrations and attempted failed, but the group came together and completed the course as one!

2013-07-14 at 22-54-05

Campers work hard to stay steady on the wire

2013-07-14 at 23-58-27

Strategy gets the campers through this course

Morning Worship

In the morning campers will meet in the lodge to talk about what they should be looking at during their morning devotions and will then be dismissed to go with their cabins to read the scriptures and talk about them as a group. Today’s scripture includes:

Psalm 86

Follow up question: The person who wrote this psalm knew a lot about God. If you got to know God better, how could that encourage your trust in Him?


Breakfast: Pancake, Sausage, Toast/cereal bar, Juice/fruit

Lunch: Meatball subs, Fries, Broccoli and cheese, Salad bar, Asst. fruit

Dinner: Fried Chicken, Mashed potatoes, Green beans, Roll, Salad bar, Brownie


Daily Director Talk


Good morning! It’s a steamy day here at camp but we are excited to get our activities started and hopefully cool off at our water activities. Throughout the week your campers will be participating in thee following activities: high ropes, low ropes, pool, blob, canoeing, and paintball!


Evening Worship

Song set:

  1. Where I Belong
  2. Give Me Your Eyes
  3. You’ve Been Remade
  4. From the Inside Out
  5. City on Our Knees
  6. Unbreakable


  • Jesus’s sacrifice broke down the wall of sin and guilt that keeps us from God. 
  • God created us and made us responsible for the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, and the animals on the land
  • Everything God made is good
  • God created you for something, he gave you gifts that he wants you to discover and pursue a life using your gifts and talents
  • People were afraid of evil and evil grew in people
  • But God liked Noah, he did exactly as God asked and saved the good part left of humanity
  • This evening the campers shared in the Lords prayer and participated in communion as a family

2013-07-14 at 09-09-54

Campers praising in their first worship set

2013-07-14 at 08-27-47

Campers prepare for communion

Evening Activities

This evening the campers played a game called ninja where they went around with the home in the woods group to find the staff members dressed up like ninjas. This helped the group bond and get to know their way around camp!

2013-07-14 at 07-14-12

Learning the ninja moves

2013-07-14 at 07-29-55

Best ninja moves on camp

2013-07-14 at 07-13-43

**Meals: **Each morning the campers meals will be posted on the blog just in case you were curious what your camper will be eating for the day!

Dinner: Hamburgers, Fries, Corn, Salad bar, Dirt Pudding

Snack: Popcorn

Campers Arrival

2013-07-14 at 04-37-45

2013-07-14 at 04-09-03

Campers are greeted by cabin mates and counselors

2013-07-14 at 04-49-03

Camper smiles when she old friends

2013-07-14 at 04-36-21

Parent hugs their camper good-bye for the week


Welcome to the Camp Adventure blog! This is where you will be able to find updates on what your campers are doing, learning about, eating, and experiencing while they are here! Make sure you are also checking the gallery link above frequently throughout the week as photos will be uploaded to this gallery several times a day. Remember that you can purchase the photos on the gallery too! This is going to be a great week here at camp and we ask that you be in constant pray for all our campers, counselors, directors, and staff!

Camp Adventure ROCKS!