Camp Adventure - Middle School - July 10-July 15 (2016)

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End of Week Video


High Ropes

Morning Worship

Theme: I am a witness

Spiritual highlights include:
The campers will learn the three steps to being a witness at worship:

1)Care: we need to care enough for others to want to witness to them.
2) Dare: We need to be daring and courageous to go and witness to them.

  1. Share: We need to tell others out witness about what God did for me.

In morning devotions the campers will discuss the three steps and identify ways to overcome the fear or struggle that is associated with each step so the campers can be equipped and able to do all three steps of a witness when they return home.

Fire Circles

The two cabin clusters split up and sat around the campfire before going to bed. The campers were given a chance to share their testimonies to each other.

Late Night Worship

Communion Night


  1. when we come alive
  2. by your side
  3. will you feed me
  4. the stand
  5. washed by the water


Was burnt in an explosion a few years ago and spent week in hospital and was covered in prayer and grew closer to God
A few months later bike accident survived only because of helmet and only had a few stitches
Lost her grandmother who she was very close with but still grew closer to God through everything and continued to pray in the hard times

Parents divorced at age 6 and it was really hard on him and his parents didn't live close to each other, then his dad moved closer to try and make things better and then dad moved in almost next door and it's making his family life better and brought him closer to God. 4 years ago mom was diagnosed with colon cancer that was maybe treatable and Grant wonder why and what he did wrong. Doctors tried many different meds that didn't work. Doctors then gave up on her and gave her only two months to live. Grant was at the point where he considered taking his own life so he began going to therapy which helped him but he is still devastated by the loss. At this time Grant was questioning God and his purpose in life. Then he felt like a voice was telling him he had a purpose and that his is loved and he matters and now he thanks God for that everyday and he can feel that his mom is still with him and always will be through God.

Sermon (Bob)

How do we become a servant and live like Christ wants us to?

Story: old Irish legend. In a large kingdom the king had no children and was getting old. One day he sent messengers to spread the word that he was holding interviews for a new successor. Applicants had to have a deep love for God and they must love their fellow people and care about them. A young man from a small village decided to try and get an interview, but he was poor and didn't have any way to get to the castle and didn't have any clothes nice enough to go. The man worked hard and begged until he got what he needed to make it. When he got to the castle he passed and beggar who asked for food drink and clothing so the man gave the beggar his clothes food and money, he gave him everything. At this point he thought he had no chance but decided to still try and when he reached the castle he was welcomed warmly and taken into the kings throne room where he discovered the king was the beggar who he had seen on the side of the road. The king then explained that he had done this as a test to see what was really in the mans heart and found out that he did love God and his fellow people. He then named this man his successor

When we put others first we will find joy

J - Jesus first
O - Others second
Y - Yourself third

Even if we are last on the list we will receive so much from God

Matthew 25: 34-40

Those who are humble and put others first will receive blessings and be welcomed to the kingdom

Brad (counselor) testimony

Always been a worrier. Some things in the bible are hard to understand and can be worrisome as a child and he was worried that he wasn't good enough. When he entered youth group in 6th grade things changed, brad was able to learn more and connect with God better, but was still worrying a lot. Then he went on a few mission trips that really opened his eyes to how good of a life he has been blessed with and helped him realize how much he should trust and love God. During a mission trip to SD he felt God one night he was able to dive deeper into the bible and understand it better. Nothing feels better than to serve God and other people. Favorite verse: 1 Peter 5:7

Video of Lauren Hill and the Hiram Terriers

Serving others is the best way to serve God

All of the cabins come up together to take communion together. After one camper was served communion the rest of the cabin prayed over them.

CA Summer Olympics

This summer we believe that all of your children were ready and able to enter into the CA olympics. The teams were slip up and have been preparing for victory all week. Here's what happened:



Water Polo


Water Fight

High Ropes

Number One rule at high ropes: Always Always Encourage

The Blob

After much encouragement, this camper finally got enough courage to jump off the blob tower and be blobbed by one of his fellow campers.

Morning Worship

Theme: I am a leader

Spiritual Highlights:

At worship, the campers learned that they are to live like Jesus lived. They also discovered that Jesus was a leader. A leader they are called to live like in their lives.

1 Timothy 4:12

Morning Beautiful

After breakfast the campers go back to their cabins to clean. The cabin that is the cleanest gets the colorful broom for that day.

Daily Director Greeting

Late Night Worship


  1. Awake and Alive (Skillet)
  2. Stand in the Rain
  3. Lion

Band member- Ben
He grew up in a home with divorced parents. Some nights he would wonder why he was cursed with having to go through this type of life. When he was in 8th grade his mother remarried. Ben loved his new dad because he was his new best friend. One day his new father left and he was left with the burdened thinking that it was his fault that he left. One year he went to a mission trip at an Indian reservation and he saw that the people that they helped were worse off than him. Throughout that week he began to serve for God and give his life to Christ.

Camper- Izzie
He parents divorced and ever since then she has been taken care of by her grandmother, rather than her mother-who had stepped out of her life for awhile. After her grandmother suffered a grave injury and her mother was diagnosed with cancer she began to doubt about God. When she came to camp she wanted to commit her life to Christ because of the other testimonies shared.

Sermon Main Points:

Starts off by answering questions that the campers have about God and how he works through us.

First story was of two groups that took a hiking trip. One group walked 1400 miles a day, while the other day walked 20 miles every day. The group that walked 20 miles a day made it first because they had more consistency because they were able to meet their goal, safely, each time.
Second story was of Daniel in the lions den

-God protects and watched over us when we are in danger- just how the lions mouths were shut

-When you commit a life of consistency to Christ, you will go places with God. As we continue to explore our relationships with Christ, we can become disciples of Christ.

On The Road- Briana Carsey- horse video

-If we set a goal that's easy to reach and continue to set higher goals then we will continue down a path that will let us grow into our true selves.

Philippians 3:14
"The goal I pursue us the prize of God's upward call I'm Christ Jesus."

Writing down a discipline that they will want to achieve-something that is difficult for them to do on a regular basis/something out of their comfort zone. After everyone has written down a commitment the campers will nail them on the cross.

Slip N' Slide

We clean our campers in a much different fashion.


The Blob

The campers say that the blob is one top favorite activities to be involved in at CA.


The staff member, Megan, took this group on an excursion out through the lily pads.

All Camp Swim

Morning Worship

Theme: I am Who I Am

Spiritual Highlights:
The campers heard about who God truly is at worship. (This had a lot of meaning to them because many of them committed their lives to Christ the night before.)

All of the campers got a rock to write down a Hebrew word of strength or encouragement on.

Daily Director Greeting

Late Night Worship


1.The motions
2. When we come alive
3. All my tears

BAND MEMBER- Matt- shared his testimony

Read aloud camper questions from wonder jar.

Sermon main points:

Story about Walter Wyatt jr.:
The pilot whose plane crashed and landed in the ocean while bleeding with sharks in the water. But he was able to scare off the sharks by kicking them. He was eventually rescued by the coast guard and lived to tell his stories. (Story is related to the "sharks" in our lives.)

The story of how Jesus gave up his life on the cross for us. So we could have our sins removed and have eternal life as long as we believe. The gift of Grace that covers all of our sins. Jesus was the final sacrifice that had to be made.

Verses: Romans 8:38-39;
Matthew 4:19-20;
Revelation 22:17;
John 11:43;
John 4:13-14;
John 6:35

Peter and Jesus walking on the water

The campers had the opportunity to pray with their counselors over anything and go to their counselor to commit or recommit their life to Christ if they wish.

Change of Plans

The weather postponed the all camp slip n' slide until tomorrow afternoon. The campers are all safe and well rested with the extra time they had in their cabins as they waited out the storm.

The Blob

All Camp Swim

High Ropes

This is a place for the campers to face their fears and trust that not only is the equipment there to keep them safe but God is always there to walk them through the tough parts of life.

Morning Worship

Today is Commitment Day! All of the campers will get a chance to commit their lives to Christ tonight during late night worship and their evening devotions.

Message Main Points:

-Learned about how passionate Jesus Christ is about those who are lost to become found at worship.

-In order to become found they must believe in Jesus Christ and receive the gift of grace and salvation.

 One of the counselors gave their testimony about how they went from being lost to becoming found and what decisions they made- by believing in Jesus- and what the amazing outcome was in their life.

Key Verse:
Luke 15:11-32 (The Prodigal Son)

Morning Director Greeting

Spotlight Swim

Late Night Worship


  1. Get Back Up

  2. Washed by the Water

  3. Lose my soul

  4. City on our Knees

  5. Lion

     Campers shared "yay, God!" moments- the campers praise God for certain things that happened throughout the day- that they had today

Bob answered questions from the "wonder jar" like:

  1. Why do we sin?
  2. How do you explain dinosaurs?

Defined Slavery: you're a slave when something else has the complete ownership of your life

Message Main Points:

-Each one of us has sin in our lives in some form.
When we choose to live in sin, we separate ourselves from God.

-God does not see us as sinners because we have Jesus.
God gives us the strength we need to turn away from sin.

-Too often, we let our sin become our identity. We allow sin to define us.

-By sinning, we create burdens that weigh us down.

-When we confess our sins, God rushes to our rescue and frees us from our sin.

1 John 1:9

-To beat sin, you need to walk with God.

-When you feel tempted, PRAY.

-Satan attacks when God is doing his best work in our lives.

-We can fight sin a lot better when we are in community with others than when we are by ourselves. Church is important.

-We no longer have to be slaves to sin.

-Don't dwell on sin; dwell on the gift of Christ.

Campers were given the opportunity to paint words of thanks to God on a black paper with neon paint.

Snack Time!

CA Trivia

At this time of the day the counselors get to have a break before the exciting activities ahead. While they take a break, the staff takes over by... well I'll just show you a little snippet of what goes on at 6:00PM every day:

The Blob

(Hannah and Brad's group)

High Ropes

(Melissa and Braxton's group)

Low Ropes

(Caty, Noah, and Matt's group)


(Kate and Brandon's group)

Home in The Woods

Every cabin is split into two groups and then paired with half of a boys cabin. Everyday these groups will get together and reflect on the worship message. Today, their groups will be talking about what the dirt on their arms represented for them.

Morning Worship

Owning Our Sin

Today the campers learned about two simple rules they need to follow: (1) Owning up to their sins and (2) Recognizing what God wants for them to chance.


Placing a smudge of dirt on their arms to remind them to look deep inside themselves and ask God what he wants for them to work on. 

Cabin Pictures

Late Night Worship


  1. Awake and alive
  2. Made to love
  3. How he loves
  4. Heart of worship
  5. Oceans


Genesis 1:27 ;
Ephesians 2:10

"I am a masterpiece"

-Learning that we are made in God's image and because of that, we are beautiful masterpieces.

-We should look at ourselves the way God looks at us (He looks at us like we're masterpieces).

-We should have courage, integrity, honesty, joy, compassion, etc.

-Feeling like we're not good enough is the enemy trying to tear down what God has created.

-Bob shared a story about a trip to Pennsylvania when he learned how to ride a bike and learned about God.


1.Counselors were given puzzle pieces and markers for each camper, and they are supposed to decorate their puzzle piece to represent themselves. When they're all done, they will put the puzzle together.
2.Campers were asked to write something they like about themselves on a post it and hang it up -- the thing they like can't be a physical attribute.
3.Girls put their post it notes on one side of the room and boys put it on the other because God created man and woman in his image -- post its reflect his image.

Swim Tests

All of the cabins gathered by the CA pool to take their swim test.

Green wrist band: Allowed to swim in the deep end and go off the the high/low dive.

Yellow wrist band: Allowed to swim anywhere in the shallow end.

Red wrist band: Allowed to swim wherever they can touch.

Campers Arrive

Welcome to camp! We're so excited to have your children here at camp this week. We have a lot planned so keep up with the daily blogs.