Camp Adventure - Elementary Day Camp - August 1-4 (2017)

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End of the Week Video!


Our Last Day

Today has been chilly but fun! We began, like everyday, with our opening ceremony and then headed out to rotations!

We had a blast with the slip-n-slide too!

We've had a wonderful week of day camp and we're so happy to have served these incredible elementary school campers!


Thursday went swimmingly (due to the rain!) But we don't let weather hold us back from having a great time!

We still had two fun rotations and enjoyed our day!

The rain came after lunch and during check-out but we had a great time playing water games in the valley!



Our second day of day camp went incredibly well!

After check-in today campers went to Lookout Lodge for the opening session. There we shared the Bible verses for today and prayed for our day. Then we got to head out to rotations!

We enjoyed two rotations at our various activities and came inside for a great lunch of tacos!

After lunch we had quiet time and then arts and crafts! Today the kiddos made cross necklaces that they got to bead and take home.

Next up was swimming or the slip-n-slide! We split the camp up in half and one group will have pool today and slip-n-slide tomorrow and vice versa. We had a great time!

We dried off and ate a yummy snack and it was time to head home! We're excited for another great day tomorrow!


Welcome To Day Camp!

The Camp Adventure family is very excited to switch it up and have elementary school campers this week! Our first day has been a blast!

To start it off all of the campers were dropped off by their loved ones and met their new cabin mates and other campers in their grades. Then, they headed to Lookout Lodge to begin the day. We had an opening/introduction time where we shared the Bible verse of the day and prayed and then we got to head out to our first rotations!

The rotations this week are paintball (set up like a marking range), climbing the rockfall, low ropes, canoes, blob, and water games! Each day campers will get the chance to do two of these activities and by the end of the week they will have tried them all!

After our two activities we headed back to Lookout to eat our lunch, it was delicious! After lunch we had about half an hour of quiet time where campers completed an activity in their Armor of God activity books or took a nap.

Arts and crafts was up next! Campers got bandanas and got to color on them and make designs with paint. We were planning on heading out to the pool to take the swim test after arts and crafts but it began to rain and thunder so we stayed inside to keep everyone safe! After the rain cleared we put on our swimsuits and made it through the swim test just in time to change again and head home. Our first day of day camp was a blast, we're excited for tomorrow!