Camp Adventure - Day Camp - July 6-10 (2015)

Camp Photo Gallery

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Closing Ceremony Video

Spiritual Focus

On their last day of camp, the campers are learning to go and share God's word. They sing the song, "Go!" to remind them to go out into the world.

Daily Director Greeting


It All Went Swimmingly

It's a great day for the pool!

Slip N' Slide

The 3rd-5th graders will get to slip n' slide today! It's always a blast for all the campers!

Lunch Time

For today's lunch, the campers will be dining on an exquisite meal of sandwiches and watermelon! They will also get their fill of veggies and lemonade.


The 4th graders got to canoe today! They played a game where each canoe of campers had to throw dodgeballs into the other canoes. Whoever got the most dodgeballs in the other canoes won! See more photos HERE

Spiritual Focus

Today the campers will be taking communion and learning to serve each other. They can choose if they will follow Christ's example as a servant and walk with Him.

Daily Director Greeting

All Camp Swim!

As their last activity this Wednesday, the campers all got to have swim time together! It was a great time to make new friends and conquer fears.

Slip N' Slide

The K-2nd graders got to do Camp Adventure's awesome slip n' slide! See more photos HERE

Craft Time

Instead of horizontal hour, the campers have an option of doing craft time! They can color or make their unique craft of the day. It's great for the campers who want to take a break from the outdoors and release their creativity.

Rock the Wall

Today the campers got to climb the rock wall and zipline down! Whether they did the easy or the hard side, each of them had a great time! They overcame their fears and encouraged each other the whole time.

Spiritual Focus

This morning, the campers learned about the man of the Bible Elijah. They learned about his importance in the Bible, and then completed a lesson with their group. After the lesson, they sang some songs and learned cool dance moves to go along with them!

Daily Director Greeting

Gaga Ball!

Never heard of this super fun game? Here's a video of some of the boys playing gaga ball during their free time.

Low Ropes

The 3rd graders learned to work together today on the low ropes course! They had to lend each other a hand on the mohawk walk. See more photos HERE

Jumping In!

The CA staff had a great time hanging out with the K-1st graders at all-camp swim this afternoon!

Cabin Photos

All the campers got together to take a group picture and their cabin photos today! See all the photos HERE

Rec Time!

The 4th and 5th graders get to enjoy some free time before lunch today! They can play gaga ball, human foosball, card games, 9 square, and much more! It's a great way for them to get their energy out before horizontal hour later.

Spiritual Focus

Today the campers are learning about being disciples and sharing God's word! They sang the song, "Go!" that talks about the Great Commission. They are learning to spread God's love to all their friends and live a life devoted to Him.

Daily Director Greeting


For the last event of the day, the campers got to jump onto the blob! They had a blast as they got to fly high into the air and land in the lake!

Pool Time

The pool was a great way for the campers to cool off on this steamy summer day!

Canoe Trip!

For their first activity of camp, the 3rd graders went on an exciting canoe excursion! They got to paddle their way through a channel and to the other side of the lake. It was a great start to the week!

Welcome to Camp!

The campers are all smiles as they look forward to this awesome week at day camp! They are going to try new activities like climbing the rock wall and canoeing. They will also learn a ton about Jesus and what it means to trust Him!

Daily Director Greeting