Camp Adventure - Day Camp - August 4-8 (2014)

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Event Photo Gallery

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Slip N Slide Fun!  IMG_8752.

Lunch Time!

Today for lunch, your campers feasted on chicken wraps, smiley face potatoes, cottage cheese, and peaches. Now, they’re wrapping  up lunch and going back to their cabins for a little down time before adventuring out this afternoon!

Rock Wall!

This morning, the third grade group got to climb up our rock wall, and they definitely rocked! They did a great job climbing up and encouraging one another when they weren’t climbing.


Good Morning, Camp Adventure!!

This morning, the campers started off the day by practicing the songs they’ll be preforming on Friday night during the closing celebration at North Webster United Methodist Church. So far, they’ve had a great day here. Stay tuned to see what else they’re up to today!


Slip N Slide!

Today, your campers got the chance to go down the slip n slide here at Camp Adventure!!! It was all smiles and giggles, even when the eyes and mouthes got soapy. The campers that didn’t get a chance to slip and slide today will get a chance to tomorrow!

IMG_7365 IMG_7381 IMG_7394


This afternoon was yet another great rotation in the pool!



For lunch today, your campers enjoyed sub sandwiches. They could choose from lots of toppings, including ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and various condiments. Fruit snacks were for dessert. Now, they’re getting ready to head out to horizontal hour!

Low Ropes

This morning was a great time for a group of campers to work on their listening and teamwork skills at low ropes. Be sure to ask the about the lessons they’ve learned there this week!



This morning, campers enjoyed marking targets like trash can lids and cardboard boxes!


Welcome to Camp!!

It’s Wednesday, and your campers are really excited to be back at camp for their third day! Today, they’ll be doing lots of fun things, including rock climbing, canoeing, and paintballing! Check back later today to see some of their awesome adventures!


See You Tomorrow!

Though today is over, your campers will be back bright and early tomorrow morning for even more fun here at Camp Adventure! Be sure to ask them about what they’ve learned so far this week.


Some of our older campers got the chance to blob this afternoon! It seemed like some of them were flying!!


Pool Time

This afternoon’s all-camp swim was just as fun as yesterday’s! Campers got to spend time playing with staff in the shallow end, and diving off of the diving boards in the deep end! IMG_5186

Taco Tuesday!!

Today for lunch, your campers had tacos. They had all sorts of toppings they could add, including lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ground beef, and sour cream! Churros were for dessert, and all of the campers enjoyed them! Now, they’re off to horizontal hour, and then their afternoon rotations!

Rock Wall Rocks!

This morning, the first graders got the chance to climb up our rock wall here at Camp Adventure!! They all did very well, and had a great time along the way!


Good Morning, Camp Adventure!!

This morning your campers arrived excited and ready to learn more today! They already have Psalm 119:11 memorized, and they’re ready to memorize more! Now, they’re headed out for a little bit of small group time, followed by their morning activities!!


So Long, Farewell..

Some of your campers were sad to leave camp today, but we assured them that tomorrow will be another day packed full of fun and adventure here at camp! Ask them about all the great things they did and learned today! We’ll see you tomorrow, campers!


This afternoon, the third graders got to go out and fly into the air at the blob! They had a great time blobbing, as well as swimming in the lake, and jumping off of the lifeguard’s raft!


All-Camp Swim!

Campers all got to go swimming today! They were glad to make a splash in the pool and cool off! They enjoyed playing with and getting to know our staff members here at Camp Adventure!

IMG_4203 IMG_4160 IMG_4232

Lunch Time!

Today for lunch, your campers munched on corn dog bites, macaroni and cheese, carrots, celery, and cucumber, as well as chocolate chip cookies!!

Low Ropes

This morning, your kindergardeners got to build teamwork at our low ropes course! They had a great time getting to know each other a little better and working together as a team!


Morning Adventures!

This morning, some of your kiddos got the chance to go out onto the lake in canoes! They all had a staff member or counselor in their boat to help guide them through the water, and it was all smiles and laughter all along the way!


Good Morning, Camp Adventure!!

It’s the first morning of day camp here at Camp Adventure, and your campers are very excited to be here! They’ve gotten their bags put into their cabins, and now they’re all headed back up to the lodge for this morning’s opening program! Check back later today for some photos from all of today’s adventures here at camp!