Camp Adventure brings back memories of God's love

Father and son experience camp together, but thirty years apart

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**Camp Adventure - **Thirty-three years ago, eleven-year-old Todd Everetts never imagined he would be back at Camp Adventure in July, 2013 picking up his own son from camp.

“I’m 44 now. I never would have guessed that today I’d be standing here with my son. And I’m so proud,” Todd said. “I’m just so grateful that God has put him here.”

Lincoln, Todd’s eleven-year-old son, was invited to camp by a friend and attended for the first time last summer. For Todd, who attended both Camp Adventure and Epworth Forest for middle school and high school camps, it was an exciting time to remember his own spiritual growth at camp.

Todd knows first-hand the impact camp has on a young boy’s faith in Christ and is grateful to know Lincoln experienced the same thing.

“I’m beyond blessed to hear that from my son, to hear that he had the same experience here that I did back then,” Todd said. “And to hear that God did the same thing in Lincoln that he did in me at camp.”

[![i4022 33](,w_300/v1423286630/i4022-33_lp0zj3.jpg)]( noted that some of the new “cool” activities like ziplines and paintball weren’t around when he was a camper 33 years ago.
Todd admits not all the details of Camp Adventure are the same as he remembers them,  and noted that all the “cool stuff” like paintball, zip-lines and the blob, weren’t there when he was a kid.

“But the same investment in the kids and the same love is being shown to them now as it was then, and I’m so grateful for it,” Todd said. “I saw the enthusiasm and the genuine drive to love and care for my son when I dropped him off that I felt when I was here.”

Although Camp Adventure wasn’t the first place Todd accepted the Lord, he knows his relationship with Christ grew at camp in a way that is crucial to a lifelong walk with God.

“As a an 11 year old, you’re aware of the Lord and of salvation, but you’re very young in your walk, in your Christian commitment,” Todd said. “Here at camp was where Christ became the most real to me.”

Still today, as a 44-year-old father and husband, Todd looks back on those experiences for encouragement when the enemy comes against him. Todd knows, without a doubt, that God still moves at camp just as He did when Todd was young.

“Nothing’s changed. I mean God is still here, He’s still working on these grounds through the staff,” Todd said.

For Lincoln, it was fun to spend a week at camp knowing his dad had done the exact same thing years ago.

“It was cool because he knows the experience and how fun it was,” Lincoln said.

For the Everett family, the reintroduction to Impact 2818 camps could only be orchestrated by the Lord, and they are looking forward to a future filled with camping trips for both Lincoln and his twin sister, Amber.

“This is going to be a lifelong experience for them,” Todd said. “Consider it a yes for next year. They’re both going.”